Hpv+and low grade dyskaryosis

Hi I’m a new here so hope this is right. This is my second smear results and i have hpv positive and low grade dyskaryosis. Backstory i had my first smear last year and was the same hpv + and low grade dyskaryosis i had the Colposcopy which revealed cin1 but the discharged me back to my GP. I now have to have another colposcopy in October. I’m Feeling very nervous. I am already looking at ways to improve my eating habits and lifestyle. Any advice on anything else i can do or what i could eat or take would be much appreciate. I will add I’m taking holland and barret female multivitamins but anythings else with be grateful thank you :blush:


I know your feeling, we all in the same boat

When i diagnosed 2 years ago i started eating very healthy stopped drinking daily as i used to and after 6 months i was negative…after a year I stopped taking care of my self as i should, i won’t say that i was eating unhealthy but i had to decrease the alcohol again. My gynaecologist prescribed me folic acid once a day and Vitamin e twice a day. I also taking vitamin C and i would like to try ahcc however is too expensive for me. Fingers crossed by next smear test will be negative

Add multivitamins daily, this is the most important and don’t listen what they saying about the 2 years. I know many people that cleared the virus even after 5 years. This is also what my gynecologist told me, it can be clear any time x

Take care :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey thank you so much for your reply. Im on multivitamins at the moment. I also am taking the shittake mushroom which i got from amazon. Im trying to eat as healthly as can be and be more active but sometimes can be hard. I know some people can clear it after 6 months to a year and some it can take longer to clear. I will definitely try folic acid and vitamin e and c. I have looked into other ahcc but confuses me which one to take thank you for you reply :blush:

Im also looking for ahcc but i can’t afford the platinum which is over £70. I was wondering if i can get from amazon as some suppliers selling then £20. Can you please let me know if you managed to find more information?

Thanks :blush: