HPV and CIN2 changes

Hello, firstly thank you for this website! I never knew it existed and it’s so nice to be able to get advice or read stories similar to myself to put my mind at ease.

I’m 35 and 12 years ago I had CIN3 changes and a loop excision, my smears have never really been normal, always HPV results, now I have changes again and going for another loop on Tuesday under GA. this time around I’m scared and anxious as I’m older and know more, I have two boys which were miracles, they were born prematurely and I’ve had lots of miscarriages. I would like another baby, but I’m worried now after having this loop will it effect me more to carry, or will give birth again to early, how many times do they offer a loop excision? What is the outcome of these cell changes, will I end up needing a hysterectomy, as obviously my cervix is being shortened each time

Thank you

Also I’m experiencing terrible lower back pain and ovary pain, could this be a sign of CC?