HPV and Bacterial Vaginosis

Hi all. I’ve posted here a few times now. I’m just wondering if anyone here has/had HPV and bacterial vaginosis (BV) at the same time.

I’ve had BV for around the same length of time that I’ve had high risk HPV which is a year and 6 months. The hpv gave me CIN1 which I’m going for a follow up pap again in January. The only BV symptom I have is constant yellow discharge with no smell. No itching or burning. For the BV I’ve gotten 3 rounds of antibiotics so far to no avail. One of metrogel back in September 2018 and also clindamicyn cream. Didn’t work so stopped doing anything for months and months in regards to that. Now during summer this year I started trying natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar sitz baths, sea salt sitz baths, soaking tampons in hydrogen peroxide mixed with water as well as sea salt tampons and apple cider vinegar tampons. Nothing worked.

During October I decided to go back to the gyno to get more metrogel and it diminished the amount of yellow discharge but it was still there. As soon as treatment ended it came back. Did 2 days of water mixed with vaginal probiotics douche and then started boric acid suppositories for a whole week. After that I had 4-5 days of no discharge and then it came right back. Did 3 more days of boric acid and then got my period which ended in November 11. Immediately started using balance activ bv gel and tonight will be my 6th treatment out of 7 and just today I had again yellow discharge just in lower volume than I used to before. I plan on doing 7 more days of boric acid after that but if the discharge persists then I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve changed my diet, I exercise, I meditate, I take supplements. I’m scared and frustrated and worried that this constant BV will not allow my cervix to get rid of the HPV and make my dysplasia go away.

Has anyone had BV along with HPV and been able to get rid of HPV? I need hope, I need something that will tell me it’s gonna be ok and the HPV won’t get worse. I’m really reaching the end of the rope…I’m crying as I type this because it’s so incredibly frustrating to be doing your best and see your symptoms persist.