Hpv and autoimmune conditions

Hi everyone,


Just wondered if there's anyone like me out there? I have persistent hpv probably because I have a dodgy immune system. I have various autoimmune conditions. Be good to talk about it!

Hi :)


which autoimmune diseases do you mean? I'm coeliac 


I have hashimotos disease but I'm unsure if I have persistent hpv I've only had 1 smear snd I don't think I've been tested for hpv altho I'm sure it goes without saying in some cases 

I think when they send off biopsy they test for hpv then


I was told that they test with smears now but my consultant told me mine wasn't tested because it was "high grade" xxx

Oh I must be the same then. I didn't get any hpv results from the smear.


this is all so confusing xx

Hi space bunny ,

 I too have the hpv. Just had my six month follow up smear and it came back normal but still hpv present. Last week I had a colposcopy and all was fine . Discharged back to 3 year smears. Had a long chat with my registrar about it because i didnt understand it. I was thinking I had a poor immune system and couldn't fight it off. She basically said that when someone has it it will always remain in the body. She said nothing can be done to get rid of it - guess it kind of lays dormant. I was told to keep attending regular smear tests, to keep an eye on things in case of changes. Above all I was told not to worry - which is all I seemed to do. Just wanted to share with you what I know . Xx

Hi ladies, thanks for the comments.

Lornie - but for most people the hpv goes to undetectable levels within a couple of years... mines been active for a decade! I try not to worry as well, but it keeps cropping up!

Esmella - I have alopecia areata, Raynauds, recurrent misscarriages, high ANA's... and seem to get everything going. If I get a cut on my skin it gets infected, I'm recovering from a horrendous breast abscess - not even breast fed or anything. Wish I could just have a normal smear rather than this merry go round between various different doctors. I know some autoimmune conditions are linked to CIN, especially if you are put on steroids. I was on this last year and worry if I've let the hpv take further hold! :-(