Hpv and abortion

Hi ladies,

Iam new to this forum.
Feb 2022 l learned l had hpv 18 and the same time l had an abortion (which lam regretting everyday so bad).
I am traumatized and l still cannot get over everything.
My question is while the doc did the abortion is there any chance that l got infected inside uterus?
Iam going out of my mind.

So sorry, i too had a termination in my younger years and have regretted it ever since, its not a decision taken lightly and you obviously did it for the right reasons for you. There is a small risk of infection following a termination, however I think its very unlikely that this will have caused HPV. Please dont beat yourself up over this and please make sure you get your smears regularly now that you are HPV positive xx

Did you have kids after the abortion? Are they healthy?
I feel like l can’t get pregnant anymore (l didn’t try just a feeling that abortion left) or God forbid the baby wouldn’t be healthy after what l did. Iam 26

I am sorry you’re going through this. Are you seeing a therapist? It sounds like you’re dealing with a lot of trauma. Medical abortion will not hurt your fertility or your ability to have children in the future. Have you had a colposcopy yet? Sending you good vibes :heart::mending_heart:

PS Uma Thurmon’s daughter talks about how she may never have been born if her mother hadn’t had an abortion in her younger years. A huge number of women have abortions when they’re younger and then go on to have families when they’re ready. It’s just not talked about because of the stigma.

Thank you so much, yes l did colpo with the worst doctor that l have ever seen. I couldn’t understand the results and he hardly gave me explanation that it was clean from cin.
lam going through this alone. I am having anxiety and depression which l never had before.l can’t believe what l did to myself, it changed my life 180.
What about you? Which strain? Did you have colpo?
Lots of Hugs🌹

I’m sorry you’re going through this. I can’t imagine. I hope you can get therapy. I went to therapy for a separate issue and was diagnosed with PTSD; regular therapy has helped immensely. It does take time though.

I have high-risk HPV, not sure what number. I also had LSIL. I had a colpo in February with 2 biopsies and one showed CIN1, so I’ll be back for a Pap in a few months.

PS it’s great news that your doctor saw no signs of CIN!

I already had 1 baby prior to it and had another baby years after, although had multiple miscarriages before i managed to have him and convinced myself it was my punishment for having a termination. But obviously it wasnt. Please just try and forgive yourself xx