hpv and abnormal cells

Hi am am 24 with two handsome boys and I had my first smear last October because I kept putting it off ....When my results came back they was abnormal which obviously made me worried so I had a std check which was negative and I had a swob for bacterial cells which was negative but back when I was 19 I discovers I had HPV which is very common so after sleepless nights and making myself I'll I have lost almost a stone due to worry over thinking that HPV could have caused me to have cancer I have to wait 6 months to have a other smear which I just don't think I can wait that long ....has anyone been through this am sick with worry and its affecting my life 


Thanks in advance xx

Hey there

weve probably all been there or else we wouldn't be on this site, first of all don't panic! You're in the system being monitored and that's amazing!! The fact you're being rechecked in 6 months is a fantastic outcome, this means they're hoping any abnormal cells (cin1) will clear by itself and if not they will talk about getting rid of the, if they think they need removing :-D. The stats say that 80% of us gets HPV even if you use condoms because it's skin to skin contact! I've been in your position and I still am and the waiting is the worst thing... Take vitamins and sleep welol it gets easier :) be positive