HPV and abnormal cells for the second time

Hi all,

Had my second smear results today only to be told I am still HPV positive and have abnormal cells. Was the same result for my first ever smear test last year, they offered no treatment and it’s the same result this year. I can’t help but wonder have these abnormal cells just been living and growing in me becoming cancerous?! I have been asked to do further tests but that was so painful last time. I guess I am just thinking the worst - has anyone else had this?

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Hello sorry you find yourself in this situation but try and not overthink is terribly unhelpful I did a lot of overthinking and was definitely the worst part of the whole process. If they find abnormal cells that need treatment most probably you will be offered a Lletz is very effective fast treatment and for me painless, so worst case scenario you will get Lletz . Best case again like last year they won’t treat you because most abnormal cells go back to normal without treatment. I had LLETZ for CIN3 and CGIN over a year ago now and totally understand that is difficult not to worry but be assured that is early and this type of cancer takes long to grow , CIN is not cancer. If you just follow doctors advice and go to all your appointments you will be treated if needed before anything bad appeared. Take care

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Im in same position! Have you had your colposcopy? Hope it went well!