hpv after LLetz treatment

i have always had positive hpv test results ever since they started testing for hpv, with coploscopies every 3 years. my last being 6 months ago, which led to abnormal cells being found and the lletz treatment, which removed the max they could take. now 6 months later,i ahave again been found to have hpv. also the yellowish discharge i have noticed has , acording to my gp record, been listed as " bleeding from cervix noted". My colposcopy appt is on thursday and im due to fly to africa on friday.

im trying to rationalise and risk assess. im away for about a month. if abnormal cells are founfd will this delay worsen the available treatment options? I really dont want to cancel my trip, but i also dont want to risk an infection in africa)( and possibly invalidate my travel insurance) by having a second LLetz treatment. but then again i dont want to wait a month and find i have moved up a stage. last time the clinic staff were under pressure, and seemed very limited in the amount of discussion time they could offer me. i get that. they are busy people. but what th heck should i choose to do if abnormal cells are again found?

also minor thing but want to check if others have had this… smears after the LLetz treatment do seem much more painful???

any help or ideas you can offer would be much appreciated. I feel right now with thie "TESt for cure smear " revealing unwelcome results that i have landed in a world I would rather not be in!! It feels very lonely and scarey… not least because myself and my husband are newly married after each being widowed. I cant tell anyone how im feeling, especially not my hubby and children. is there anyone out there who is also in this alien and horrible world of CIN3 and HPV?!!