Hpv + /abnormal cells smear/ nothing found on colposcopy

Good Morning,

This Is My Second Post Because I Cant Find The First But I Want To Let Everyone Know That There Is Definitely A Light At The End Of The Tunnel…

In December I Did A Smear Test & It Came Back HPV+ Low Grade Changes They Booked Me In For A Colposcopy Which Was Supposed To Be Feb 8th But Because I Was In Over Drive I Called Them & Luckily I Was Able To Fit In A Cancellation Last Saturday…

To Be Totally Honest, From I Got The Results To The Morning Of The Colposcopy Ive Been In Overdrive, I Was Depressed, I Was Scared, I Wasnt Eating, I Wasn’t Sleeping I Couldnt Even Focus…I Lost 3kgs In A Month & Its Been A Whole Roller Coaster With Fears & Feelings.

Fast Forward To The Day Of The Colposcopy I Went In…I Was Asked Some General Questions…I Answered Then I Was Briefed By The Colposcopist About The Procedure & What Would Be Done…I Made Her Know How Scared I Was…Literally Got 2 Small Panic Attacks Back To Back :sleepy:

She Continued To Mention That Cells Changes Arent Cancer & With My Age.[24] Cell Usually Goes Back To Normal…Fine She Started The Procedure Which In My Opinion Is Way Way Way Better Than A Smear…She Applied The Dye Which Sitnged A Bit…Then She Was Just Searching…She Applied The Second Dye & Was Waiting & I Keep Telling Her Im Scared To Look At The Screen Because Im Not Ready To See My Cervix Light Up Like A Christmas Tree…Lol Her Assistant Was Talking To Me Literally Getting Me Into Sleep Mode…Then She Asked Me To Look & Then She’d Explain To Me…When I Did She Said To Me…While Slightly Tossing The Speculum Around To Show Me Different Angles That There Were No Abnormal Cells, She Cant Find Anything So She Has No Reason To Take A Biopsy.

Ofcourse I Was Relieved But Still Trying To Figure Out Why The Smear SUSPECTED Abnormal Cells When The Colposcopy Saw None.

Btw Worrying Is Natural But Sometimes We Worry & Bring In More Problems Into The Picture Than There Already Is So I Just Wanna Say…Stay Positive Through Out All The Frightening Results…