Hpv 45 positive

I recentley did a home hpv test and it has come back positive for hpv 45 which i have googled and it says that its often linked with an agressive form of cervical cancer and rarely found in women who have a normal cytology. I am so frightened!!

Hi hun

Book an appointment with your GP and request a smear, that way you will know for sure what it is. 

Id say try not to worry but i know its not that easy. 


Hi there. I ordered an online home test last year, not for cervical screening, but for tumour markers, relating to irregular bleeding and my test was abnormal... I freaked out. I had this re tested thru my doc, as I was in a right state and the result came back normal. I'll not be buying a DIY test in future that's for sure. So don't worry too much based on your result. I'd run it past your GP, altho I don't think they'll repeat it until you are old enough. What made you do the test yourself, are you having symptoms? X

I was also recently diagnosed with HPV-45 and am terrified for the same reasons. Also, I'm in my 40s, so it may prove slower/harder to clear. Not many people on here have HPV-45, or maybe they just don't their genotype. You're one of the few I've come across so far.

Hi, I also have hpv 45. I tried 6 months AHCC shiitake extract but still my result came positive. I don’t know that how long I had it, but I got tested last year and found out. My paps smear test came clear but my gynecologist is sending me to cervical testing. I turned 40 this year.