HPV+ 3x but colposcopy failed due to cervix closed -

I have posted in the Treatment for Cell Changes area but I posted in the wrong one and not sure if people just check the area they need or all of them hence my duplicate post - apologies I didn’t know if I could move it hence my second post.

I have had 3 HPV positive smear results with negative cells but on attending the colposcopy clinic last week to check it closely due to not shifting the HPV they couldn’t do it as my cervix is closed. Has anyone had any experience of this? My GP nurse on my second smear did say my cervix looked as though it was changing due to the menopause but didn’t comment that she couldn’t see the opening and my last smear the nurse just struggled to find my cervix as it’s retroverted but I assumed she had got it as she did take a sample.

Because they couldn’t do it, I have to go back to have it attempted again by the Consultant who will open my cervix and take a closer look / biopsy. Does anyone know how this is done? How can they open my cervix if it’s closed? I believe it will be done under local anaesthetic which I have never had before so nervous about that even though I have had cold coagulation in the past and a hystoscopy - although my cervix was open then!

And more importantly I guess my negative smear results are void as they will not have been able to get to the cells needed to check for any abnormalities. I’ve potentially been walking around assuming all is fine except the HPV when I may have abnormalities afterall and my mind is whirring :frowning:

I think you’re very wise to assume everything is fine. It probably is. You are unusual - I didn’t know the cervix could close with the menopause - and the important thing is that your healthcare team are following up and are going to make sure there’s no suspicious reason for this and that all is well. It won’t help you at all thinking negatively - which is why you’re doing the right thing being positive and taking the treatment offered. Good too that they’re doing it under GA - it means no discomfort for you, and the team can do all they need to do. Let us know how you get on. X

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I didn’t know either and it was quite a shock to be told I am going through the menopause already when I have no other signs of it well apart from brain fog and being grumpy but I think that’s cause I don’t eat properly and I’m stressed out with Covid! They aren’t treating me as yet as they haven’t been able to get a sample to see what’s happening but when they try to open my cervix (that sounds scary!) they are doing it with a local not general. I’d rather be awake but don’t like the sound of a needle in my cervix. I’m such a wuss. I couldn’t even look at my cervix without feeling queazy and she was only prodding it lol

Unfortunately I am struggling to think positively and Dr Google has told me alsorts of reasons why my cervix has closed and with the Colposcopy Nurse leaving me with unanswered questions it is making me worry.

Just hope my appointment comes around quickly. I hate not knowing :frowning:

Hello sorry about your situation but I just wanted to let you know that for me the local anesthetic was painless she asked me to cough just before she put the needle and felt absolutely nothing so don’t be scared of it it sounds worse than it actually is. Take care.

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Thanks for replying. I’m more worried about the local as had one in my calf for removal of a suspected melanoma and I have never experienced pain like it!! I am a bit of a wuss but OUCH. I couldn’t catch my breath to breathe through it lol. I would hate to have a general though so fingers crossed they will do it with a local. Waiting not so patiently for my consultant appointment to find what happens next :lying_face:

I had a local in my forehead and that was extremely painful but in the cervix it really wasn’t hopefully it will be the same for you

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Just wanted to update following my last post.

I have had my follow up appointment this morning with the Consultant. She confirmed my cervix is healed up and the likely cause is the mini pill which has been great for me as it stopped my super regular heavy periods and feeling dreadful and drained all month but the downside, my cervix has closed!

She was able to open my cervix enough to get a smear but did confirm she was only able to open part of it. The tenaculum was quite painful, never had one of those before and the dilators hurt too but it was manageable thankfully. She also sprayed me with the vinegar solution but no biopsies were taken.

Now a 4-5 week wait for my smear result although she did say she was erring on the side of caution and wasn’t concerned with what she could see. She also said that the lab may not accept the smear as my last one was only in December but she would be clear on the referral the reason for a follow up smear - to check that it is actually negative as the last 3 tests could potentially be false negatives if not able to get a sample of the right spot. Crackers system. Hopefully they will accept it!

All being well they will see me in a year at the colposcopy clinic. Looks like smears for me in future are going to be fun as they’ll need to open my cervix before getting a sample! She did say that depending on what she saw I may need to have a loop treatment to gather cells so although it hurt least she was able to open it enough for sample.

Glad it’s over and done with and hopefully the results will be negative.

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Hi everyone. Well my results came through last week and to my utter disbelief it was HPV negative! I have had 3x HPV positive smears hence being sent for a colposcopy and as my cervix had closed I was fearing the worst that as the smear wouldn’t have been completed properly that it had potentially missed abnormal cells. I was hoping it was just HPV positive and no abnormal cells so not sure how I feel knowing it’s now HPV negative. They wouldn’t have tested for abnormal cells so now overthinking it’s the HPV that’s been missed. The letter says I am back on a 5 year recall but the Consultant had said they would call me back in a year. Hope they do as I am not confident I am actually HPV negative! Can the sprays wash away HPV? :thinking:

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