HPV+ 3 years

I have appointment for colcoscopy next week following 3rd HPV+ smear test result.
Can anyone tell me what I should expect?

Hi lilib
I had my colcoscopy in August,it was really like a smear but just a little more uncomfortable but not painful for me. They just take a closer look at the cervix to ensure there are no changes and take a biopsy to be tested if needed x

Thank you for your reply. That’s reassuring. Do they take a biopsy as routine or just if they find any abnormal cells?

I had a smear in July that came back borderline cell changes so I was sent for the colcoscopy which picked up cgin so they did a biopsy as they picked it up,I can only presume and don’t know the actual facts that they would have a good look during the colcoscopy and if everything looked okay then they wouldn’t do a biopsy but like I said I don’t know that for certain xx

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I’m unclear at the moment whether I’ve just been called for the colcoscopy because I’ve tested + for HPV for the 3rd time, or because I’ve tested + again and there are cell changes.
I suppose I will find out next week. Thanks for your reply xxx