HPV 16 more than 2 years, help

I’m very depressed and nervous about situation and need some support and share experience.

January 2021 - did my first pap test, HPV 16, 31, 58 positive, NILM. I never did HPV test before, so I don’t know how long this types persists. I was 27 years old, i was shocked, cried a lot.

June 2022 - HPV 16 positive, NILM. 31, 58 types cleared. I was glad, but i know HPV 16 is the most dangerous, so i was also disappointed.

June 2023 - HPV 16 positive. It is more than 2.5 years and this type does not go away. Doctors said 90% people get rid of HPV in 2 years. I did not do that.

So now I’m 30 and very afraid to do another pap test. I found studies that HPV 16 is the most aggressive and can cause CIN3 in 2 years of persistence. All doctors can say is that you need to continue doing pap test, but i just can’t sitting and waiting.

If i did not get rid of HPV 16 in 2 years, it is just a question of time, when it leads to CIN? I don’t want to do LEEP, there are studies that it’s bad for pregnancy and i want to have no problem with that in future, cause i don’t have children yet.

Is there any chance that i can clear HPV16 in more than 3 year without having CIN or LEEP? Are there any happy stories of persistence exactly 16 type? I’m very very nervous, i think about it every day, read a lot studies about it, i can not stand this knowledge that i have such aggressive type and wait for another screening. My days begin with thinking about it, and i go to bed at night with this thoughts ((

Please share your experience of having or clearing HPV16