HPV 16 and yellow discharge

Hello guys,

So, I have HPV 16 since June 2023 and i try my best to kick it off with vaginal suppositories, supplements and herbs, safe sex, no contraception, no smoking nor drinking etc.

Thing is I recently like 2 months ago met a new guy, i told him about hpv 16 and its risks on him. He did the vaccine, sent me screenshot, he did all STIs and I did STIs of 13 bacteria together with ureoplasma, mycoplasma, herpes etc and all good. Both of us are clean and he did not have in general very intense sexual life.

After having sex with condom (a couple of times), I have started noticing some yellow discharge with some smell, not very strong but it is there. I can feel the difference in my body. I know that BV (If any) can worsen HPV. How the hell can i get a BV when safe sex with condom promotes the non-BV thing? Plus he has no STIs.

Honestly, this HPV thing is so stressful cos we need to be over the moon careful but issues come up. I had no issue prior having sex (i did not have sex for about 10 months).

Anyone experienced the same before?

Hi red_onion
I haven’t experienced this before but sorry to hear you are having unusual discharge. I think from what I have read about BV that the discharge is usually not yellow.
You can buy a simple test in the pharmacy which tests for BV and thrush I think if you don’t want to go to your GP just get. Could it be thrush instead I wonder?

Hope all is well otherwise with you and your new partner, he seems very conscientious :slight_smile:

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Defo not thrush, cos thrush has no smell and it is of cottage cheese texture. This one is fluid and somehow smelly. I booked with an sti clinic today to check for bacteria which cause BV and if not, I will go to GP and request further exams. Thanks for that @Robin_hood


Hiya that is good u have had an appt today. Hope you get your results and answers soon!

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So they indeed found bv and I got metronidazole :pray::pray: