HPV 16 9 years - Pap Normal - Colposcopy Unalarming - Biopsy CIN3

I was first told that I had HPV 16 about 9 years ago and I have more often then not had abnormal pap smears. I just had my third son on august 28th 2016 and then had a pap smear 6 weeks after he was born, my pap smear came back normal which basically never happens but my doctor wanted to do a colposcopy because of my chronic hpv 16. I then had a colposcopy about a month or so later (the soonest I could get in) she took two punch biopsies during and after had said that everything looked good and nothing was alarming. In a matter of a week or less later my biopsy results came in and I have CIN3. I am now scheduled for the LEEP procedure. My question is why are my abnormal cells all of the sudden sneaking under the radar of my pap smear and my colposcopy when they never had before and since my biopsy was full thickness does that mean that they don’t really know if its worse then it seems or am I just over reacting. I feel like everything is taking a weird turn and its really making me worry.

Hi hun, sorry to hear about your results. My smear was severe dyskaryosis, but my colposcopy was normal. My consultant told me that smear tests can be so inaccurate and vary massively. He also told me that although your cervix lining may look normal, abnormalities mayie higher up the cervix and this is why the biopsy is performed. 

I hope this helps you try to make sense of things and good luck with the next step xxx