Hpv + 1 year after Lletz

Hello. Not sure why I am writing this as I already know there is not much more I can do about my situation but just need it to share with people that would understand. I did the home hpv test and came back positive for HPV 16, 1 year after Lletz for CIN3 and CGIN.
I had Colposcopy at 6 months no abnormalities but hpv positive and now going in a few weeks for Colposcopy again.
I was really hoping to be negative this time I have done all possible in terms of healthy eating, vitamins AHCC hpv vaccine using condoms but still no good result :cry:. A bit scared now that my Colposcopy will find abnormalities again. Just having a bad day after hpv test results can’t concentrate at work so writing this instead LOL. Take care and thanks for reading .

I’m so sorry Hop :frowning: I’ve been testing positive for 13 years straight so I know a little bit that feeling of despair that it will never be over. There are still some things you could try if you wanted - there is HPV Basant, colpofix, Deflagyn and the London clinic which does TCA.

Thanks Eleanor , interesting about HPV Basant I google it and study said is very good for HPV 16 I think I will give it a go have you tried it? Not sure where to buy it from.
About the TCA I wanted to wait for my next Colposcopy and see how it goes if there is no abnormalities again or just CIN 1 I will make an appointment, not sure if is suitable for women that already had LLETZ but I am willing to try all at this point.
Good luck to you and I really hope we can both soon write on this site our good news :blush:

I forgot to mention I am also using Papilocare I believe is similar to Deflagin do you think is Deflagin better maybe?

Hiya, I had my first LLETZ two days ago so not tried any of these yet but they are on my list given how long I’ve had HPV I’m not leaving it up to chance and will throw everything I can at this. My first vaccine shot is booked for tomorrow and all I had done so far is two months of oral supplements for vitamins and AHCC. I will try either Papilocare or Deflagyn, I believe they contain different ingredients and I am really not sure which is better. I don’t think we can order Deflagyn to the UK though we would have to go to the mainland and bring it back. I believe it is prescribed in Europe but can be bought over the counter in places like Austria. One thing though Deflagyn has been trialed on patients with high grade CIN whereas Papilocare has only been tested on low grade.

I have read a few trials which have seen positive results using curcumin suppositories. This basically seems to be what HPV Basant is. It’s made in India and I believe can be purchase through their website and shipped to here. Again not tried and cannot testify to it working but will be giving it a go over the next 6 months.

Yes I am also not sure about whether TCA can be used when you have had a LLETZ. I emailed them before to enquire and they never replied to me which is disappointing.

Finally there is escharotic treatment available in the USA which claims to treat HPV but given the travel involved this would very much be a last ditch attempt and not sure whether it is the same as TCA.

Great information thanks so much, I also read about the escharotic treatment but I really wasn’t convinced is any good. I will ask some questions in my Colposcopy appointment about all this products let’s see what she says, but I have the feeling I will get the same answer as before, some people use them no harm done in using them but nothing has been proven yet so can’t recommend. The only product she did say has some promising results was papilocare so I will ask about Deflagin see if she knows about it.my gynecologist is brilliant love her I am quite lucky in that department so I can ask many questions.
Hopefully your recovery from Lletz is going well I didn’t find Lletz painful at all byopsy was worse for me because of no local anesthetic used but she said if I need byopsy again she will use local this time so happy about that. Take care and will keep you posted with her answers when I get them .

Yeah I have no clue either! I was disappointed that in the two months between my colposcopy and the LLETZ on Monday, the abnormal cells had not changed at all according to the consultant. I had hoped AHCC and the other supplements may have worked a bit of magic, but I guess it had only been two months.

I don’t think the doctors can recommend any of these treatments as they haven’t received regulatory approval so it’s not in their guidelines. Papilocare is the furthest along though having conducted Phase III trials. If these have gone well you would expect them to apply for approval.

I think it’s very suspect that the Phase II trial for AHCC closed in 2018 and four years on they still haven’t published the full paper. Some people on reddit surmise this means they didn’t get the results they were hoping for, as there has been no activity with it since. Still, with a fair amount of anecdotal stories online I have committed to taking the damn stuff for the next 6 months paying £100 a month or so :frowning: I might switch to Turkey Tail after that, which also has a lot of positive online stories and is a fraction of the price.

I like the idea of Colpofix as that’s a spray so sounds easy to use rather than these gels. Thought not sure how effective it is supposed to be. I do think the Deflagyn results seem encouraging (sometimes referred to as SAM vaginal gel in the literature).

Yes a bit strange about AHCC and that they stop the trials , is super expensive but I do think it helps I have taken it for longer than 6 months and since I had no colds or anything at all and I feel great so somehow I do believe it keeps you healthy is used in Asia quite a lot with some good results just not sure if is enough to get rid of the virus.
I forgot to mention that I also took this supplement called Hupavir there is some studies with good results they use it in Europe but I only bought enough for a couple of months I might give it a go again.
The one supplement I am confused about is Folic acid I read somewhere that is the key to get rid of hpv but no idea how much you need to take or the best brand for it .

I’m taking folic acid (as of 2 months ago) but apparently methylfolate is best for HPV, which is what I have. The recommended dose is 400 mg though not sure if more/less is recommended for HPV so I just take 400. The brand I use is Jarrow and I bought on Amazon but no clue if they are reputable or not. I did previously take folic acid by Holland & Barret but wanted to switch to methylfolate. There is also the BetterYou folic acid spray which says is a bioavailable active form of of folate . I love the sprays and use a variety of them for vitamins as I hate swallowing tablets.

Thanks so much for this I will get the folic acid from Amazon
I hope we can clear this virus before we become bankrupt from buying all this products LOL.
By the way I am sure you know but just to reassure you that the great majority clear this after Lletz I am just very very unlucky not to have clear it yet so keep positive :blush:

Ugh I know!! I just spent £500 on Gardasil 9 today (I bought 3 doses as I have a weakened immune system but the guidelines now recommend 2 doses for everyone else). Who knows if it will help but I had to try. Let me know how you get on if you purchase any other products and your experience of them.

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Hello just wanted to update, I just had a colposcopy 1 year after Lletz, I am still hpv positive but the good news is no abnormalities :partying_face::partying_face: still waiting on the results of the swap but she said it looked good no need for byopsy and most probably results will be OK fingers crossed she is right.
I asked her what happens if you are HPV positive after Lletz for years, she said that of course the ideal situation is to become negative because then your chances of anything going wrong become close to 0 but that some people just stay positive for many years after Lletz she actually said as much as 16 years for some women but it doesn’t mean that you will for sure be affected by abnormalities again . That made me feel a bit better as I was convinced I was totally F… after my HPV positive result. Hope this information can help someone going through the same situation as me. Good luck to all of us going through this nonsense.