How worried should I be?

Brief history, I'm in my early 40s and have been on the pill since my early teens due to incredibly heavy, painful periods. The pill has been fab for me and most months I haven't experienced any bleeding at all. Over the last nine months or so, I'be been seeing blood on the tissue after wiping and occasionally having heavier bleeds. There has also been some brown "stuff". To be honest, I had another painful medical issue going on and it was only once that was under control that Imentioned the bleeding to my doctor.

we had a chat, told me she suspected hormone issues but that she would arrange an internal ultrascan to be on the safe side. The scan took place at abother local surgery a few days later. The nurse, who was quite abrupt when I entered, demeanour totally changed, became very kind and chatty.  told me immediately that thehat she could see something, possibly a fibroid or a polyp and that she would be speaking to the GP.

i received a phone call two days later from my dcotor saying that the scan had revealed a large polyp and she was doing an urgent referral to gynaecology and that she would be suggesting removal under general anaesthetic. This freaked me out a little but freaked out even more when I received a phone call from the hospital the next day asking me to come in in a few days time.

i've googled (as you do) and found loads of comments about people waiting weeks to see gynaecologists and how polyps aren't normally anything to worry about but they do like to remove them. I'm struggling to concentrate on anything as this all seems to be moving too quick .....