How will I wait and be able to function

I wrote one here just over a week ago as I’d received an out of the blue phone call to attend a colposcopy. I hadn’t received my screening results before the the phone call was quite a shock. Yesterday I attended the appointment and I soon as I walked in I was told it was advisable I have some treatment there today. So I went ahead and had the procedure. It was really all a blur and thankfully I had my husband there. The dr said she needed to stop as I had an erosion and was bleeding lots so although there were some more areas she wanted to get she thought it best to stop as more bleeding could mean more risk of infection. Now I have to wait two weeks to know what’s going on. All I can think is that I’m going to get some terrible news. I have a 3 year old to look after and I’m also trying to study for a masters at university. I really can’t think about anything at all right now as I’m so worried. Just trying to play with my little one and hold back tears. I’ve been fairly unwell with stomach issues this past 6 months. I thought it was all anxiety related. Been back and forth to drs but they haven’t helped me at all. Just put me on omeprazole. The dr yesterday said that it would be 2 weeks until I hear from her, or it may be a little longer in case she needs to speak with a panel… I don’t know what this means and was too shocked to ask much of anything yesterday

Hello! I’m in a very similar situation, although I didn’t have LLETZ at the same time, I just had some punch biopsies taken at my Colposcopy with a view to treatment based on those results. But, I too received an out of the blue phone call saying I needed to attend a colposcopy before I even had my smear results letter. I found that really frustrating. The waiting is so hard, I completely sympathise; I also have a young daughter to look after. I too feel like it’s all a blur but the only thing we can do is try to put it to the back of our minds until the results are back, as we will make ourselves sick with worry otherwise. x

Hello. Thanks for your response. I’m so sorry you’re also facing all this upset and uncertainty.
Last night I went out for some food with my family and it was the first time I felt sort of ‘normal’ since the other day.
I have a real problem with anxiety and a tendency to go from 0-100 in seconds with worrying.
So after a nice meal out I got myself off to bed for an early night, but at about 11pm I suddenly woke up and started to have a full blown panic attack worrying that because the dr who had done my Lletz said she would be in touch by two weeks that this means that it’s more urgent or something?
I’m much calmer today but I don’t know why I suddenly blow everything out of proportion when I’m lay in bed or on my own.
It seems like trying to keep busy and distracted is the best thing I can do to get through this at the moment. So I’m going to try and study I think this eve.
What a tough and lonely road this feels. It’s good to have a space like this to feel a bit less isolated. X