How will i be told?


Ive recently had smear with HPV postive result and high grade pre cancerous cells. I had to go for colposcopy and they performed lletz . I was HPV positive 3 years ago with abnormal cells but folloing punch biopsy was advised abnormal cells were from HPV and nothing else so back to 3 yearly smears.

I knew something had been detected as i got a appointment letter for the colposcopy before the letter with the result. I like to know everything and be prepared so im keen to know how you found out Lletz results. Will i get a letter, does the gp call me, do i get invited for an appointment…and does this change depdning on the result?

If i get called in for an appointment then i want to know if that means bad news or not so i can be prepared. I dont want to be cuaght off guard or have any surprises

Please let me know how you were told your results and whether they were positive for CC or not.

Many thanks

Hi @Katpal

We cant really say exactly how your case will be managed as there is alot of different experiences when receiving our results

It does all depend on what is found on what the next steps are, mainly how it works is:

If no abnormalties are found - we receive a letter stating nothing was found and told we need to have a pap in either 6 or 12 months to check the status of the virus

If precancerous changes are found - When they complete a LLETZ they aim for what is called clear margins (where the sample also contains healthy tissue surrounding the abnormalities), if they dont get clear margins, they determine whether or not the wire would have burnt away the remainder of the cells, if they dont get clear margins or they arnt atleast happy with what they removed you will receive a letter inviting you in (they may or may not state what the LLETZ revealed and they dont always state what the appointment is for but its for further treatment) if they do get clear margins/happy with what they removed the first time, you will get a letter with your final diagnosis of what grade of precancer advising a test of cure smear 6 months after treatment, this will either be at the GP or at colposcopy but they will state where you need this done

If they find cancer in the sample - your appointment invite is usually by phonecall to come in so they can discuss your results face to face (normally an indication of bad news is when we are told to bring someone with us but they dont always do this even though they are supposed too)

our GPs are informed of our results at the same time as we are, we arnt under our GPs care once we have been refered to a colposcopy until we are discharged back to them so our communications are just copies that were sent to them

I had punch biopsies confirm that i had CIS/CIN3 with a LLETZ completed under GA 9 weeks later, my consultant took weeks to write up my results but because of how often id been calling and how long it took them to decipher the results (agonizing 8 weeks), once they were written up the receptionist called me and told me what the letter stated (it just reconfirmed the orginal biopsy result) and that i should get the letter through in a couple of days… i only needed the one treatmemt and i tested negative for HPV at my test of cure xx

This is very helpful to know. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate there is no hard and fast rule but i hate being ill prepared for anything . Thanks again

Basically this, although I received a letter with a face to face appointment 2 weeks later, the letter advised I “might want to bring someone with me” and “might be advised to have an MRI and CT scan”. I received this on a Saturday, it was obvious what it meant and they would’ve left me for 2 weeks :roll_eyes:. I called on the Monday and they got me in the next day with a lovely registra who was very apologetic about the letter.


Thanks for sharing. I imagine waiting for 2 weeks after that letter would have been veey difficult. Hope all is well with you now x

I had a RH in March, they got clear margins with no lymph node involvement, so just on 3 monthly checks for now.

Hoping you get good results, here if you need anything x