How/when is CC diagnosed?

Hello everyone, I hope you don't mind me writing in this section of the forum, I have not being diagnosed with CC however I am having to go through treatment of cin2 and I am trying to understand what to expect post-lletz. I was just wondering at what point was your CC diagnosed? Was it after your initial colposcopy/biopsy or further down the line or even suspected/diagnosed during a routine smear? Thank you in advance for any answers, I am very confused

Hi my colposcopy/biopsy was inconclusive for cc but suspected I was diagnosed after lletz under ga xx

Thanks for getting back to me xx

I had smear with high grade changes & HPV, colposcopy with 4 biopsies taken then Lletz. I was diagnosed from my lletz sample. xx

Hi,had smear that came back high grade was sent for colcoscopy/biopsy,then had lletz procedure after that I was then diagnosed with cc 

which was stage 1b1,any further questions please ask away 




Thanks I guess I'd like to know did you have cin2 or cin3 according to your punch biopsy? My smear was low grade and they expected cin1 but it's cin2 and I'm just worried they find cancer after my lletz. I have no children and I would like some so I'm terrified

I was diagnosed after I went into hospital to have a polyp removed and a coil fitted.  They did a routine biopsy on the polyp and it showed up as cc.  I had had a smear 5 weeks before that was all clear.

Alizee  I am wondering the same thing as you.

They even said they could see a small mass on my cervix and the arears of CIN 3 is so wide they are having to do it under GA.

I thought I woudl know by now but it seems that Lletz is a reatment and a very good test all at once. So hopefully only a few more weeks and we will have answers.

The wait goes on and on. I am now at the point that I dont mind what the result is, I just want to know.

Much Luck.


Hi I presume it was cin3,but it had already developed into cc,4 weeks later I had a radical hysterectomy,my ovaries were also taken along with some lymph nodes,then followed up with 5 weeks of chemo/radiation,it was my choice to have ovaries taken but I'm so lucky to have my children,you might be able to keep yours,my cancer was quite aggressive so opted to have them removed as a precaution,I can totally understand how frightened you must be,but if the cancer is caught early the better it is,please let me know how you go one,I'll try to answer any questions you might have cj

Hi, I'm new to this, I've had a colcoscopy, doctor didn't want to touch anything and has booked me in for a general anaesthetic to do a pelvic examination and talk of a cone biopsy, I'm getting scared now as I have a lot of pain in my groin on the left side, sort of inside, is this normal and has anyone else had this? Ive had all the usuall irregular bleeding, pain etc I have two small kids and I'm just scared.... Thanks

I had an abnormal smear showing high grade Dyskariosis, went in to have Lletz done, then had a call 4 weeks later to say they had found cancer. Was staged 1a1, then had mri to confirm, They think they got all the cancer out doing the lletz but I’m going in on Monday to have a further lletz under GA to remove the remaining cin3.


i know this is quite an old thread I'm just wondering if it's still active? I hope your all ok?

i have been having some issues for a few years. Last year I had a normal smear after having a polyp removed from my cervix (it was benign) I also had a transvaginal ultrasound as I was having some bleeding after sex. My periods have never been regular since starting them at 11 years old (I'm 32 now) the ultrasound showed no mass on ovaries and uterus and I was discharged as they couldn't find a reason for the bleeding. The odd bit of spotting carried on with my irregular cycle they put it down to a hormonal reason. I went back this December and I have another polyp which is getting removed next month. The doctor isn't concerned but I'm terrified! My mind is in overdrive. Could I have CC that has been missed as it was on the surface and not in the original polyp that was removed last year? I'm also worried my smear test might not be right. My cells were only tested for HPV and not abnormal cells. Could I have abnormal cells and still be negative for HPV. Any help or advice anyone can give would be really appreciated. I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a drama queen x