How were you told?

Hiya sorry if this sounds heartless I really don't intend it too, iv done a lot of reading on this forum and

iv always wanted to ask how were you told you had CC? Was it after the colposcopy? Or after the actual treatment? Were you told by phone? Or by letter asking to go in? 

My mind is full of what if this happens? Etc I'm still waiting on my results although I know the clinic has had them for 5 days now the consultant is yet to look at them

hes been in surgery all week apparently. 



Hi Lola,

I believe I was an unusual case as I was told straight after my colposcopy that I had cancer, they didn't even have the results at the time it was a complete shock! My consultant was so sure it was cancer that they decided to tell me there and then, they sent the biopsies off as urgent and I got a call 2 days later confirming it was cancer. I believe with a colposcopy no news is good news. Good luck in your results xx

Hi there.

I am pretty certain that if anyone gets told they have cancer it is face to face. Would be absolutely heartless to be told via letter.

For me I was told straight after my coloscopy. I had a large tumour that was visible. I already had a good idea that this was going to be the case because my Gp had told me how concerned she was....(SHe had obviously seen tumour during examination but couldn't say it was cancer. That is the Oncologists job)

Hope that helps.



I was 'pre-prepared' at colposcopy that it could be cancer although I wasmy sure If that was normal procedure or not. They decided not to do the treatment there & then as previously planned because of their ideas. I had biopsies & was called in around 10-12 days later (sorry I can't quite remember the exact lenght of time). I'm sure if your results are in already then if it was cancer he would of been intouch by now although I know even the idea of CIN abnormalities are as worrying. 

You can always give them a ring, they'll be plenty used to it.

Good luck & keep us posted



Thank you for sharing with me, i wasn't sure weather to even ask the question, 

i know im having treatment under GA as he couldn't do it at my colposcopy for the size of the abnormal cells, 

guesd I just want everything done yesterday impatient! 




I was told at my colposcopy that they had removed all the bad cells then had a phone call 11 days later, on a Friday, saying the consultant wanted to see me on the Monday.  I was then told face to face with a Macmillan nurse present.  My tumour was higher up the cervix which was why it couldn't be seen easily and was only diagnosed from the biopsies.

Was told that tumours higher up the cervix account for just 20% of CC cases so its not that common.

Good luck with your results, let us know how you get on.


Hi my story is I went for my first ever smear test at the age of 25, my results came bk as abnormal so I was sent a letter with an appointment on to see a specialist at the hospital. When I went to my appointment a biopsy was taken and sent off. I had to wait about 3 weeks for the results to come bk usually it takes 2 weeks but they had a staff shortage. I recieved a phone call and was told they needed to see me to talk about my result,  I asked them on the phone if I had cancer and the dr wouldn't answer me she told me I had to come in and speak to them. Deep down I knew and when I went to the hospital it was confirmed I had cervical cancer. A Mcmillan nurse was present and although it was allot to take in I went bk the next day for them to explain again to me. Good luck with ur results and hopefully no news is good news x


I was told straight after the colposcopy by the Dr.  Unfortunately, the Dr I saw was happy to tell me I had CC but wasn't happy to answer any of my questions.  She had very little inter-personal skills, and if it wasn't for the nurse that was in the room, who took over explaining what she could, I would of been left a complete nervous reck.....   I spoke to her a few days later and explained my feelings about the way she handled my case etc.... Doubt it made any difference,..

The nurse was great, and the results of the biopsies were available within a few days.  By that point I transferred to a private clinic, and my from there my treatment has been handled really well.


Hi there…
I wasn’t told at my colposcopy… I went on to have a Lletz for the CIN3 then when the biopsy from the Lletz came back with some cancerous cells I was called in to speak to the consultant.
I don’t think they’d ever tell you over the phone or letter… They usually call you in x

Hiya all thank you all for sharing you're all amazing women! 

so even after you've had treatment such as Lletz you can then be diagnosed? 

Im so stupid I thought once you've had treatment to remove those cells that would be it so to speak.



Some women have the Lletz rather than biopsies so in affect their lletz procedure is also there biopsies to find out exactly what it is if that makes sense? 

all clinics operate differently though. Some are staffed & equipped to do treatment there & then where as others arnt, some want biopsies first whereas some will go straight to treatment & of course sometimes treatment wouldn't be successful if done at clinic so they hold back. 

Sorry if that's all abit confusing! 


Hiya, no that makes sense, I know that when the time comes I'll be having Lletz or a cone biopsy? Under ga

but what I'm confused about is why I would get a cone biopsy when iv already had two biopsies taking guess I'll find out 

soon enough xxx


My history is borderline regular smear > biopsy (low grade CIN) > Lletz > Diagnosis

I was lucky, my cancer started high up and had just started to grow down at the point I had my smear.  Otherwise it could have been another 3 years before it was discovered.  It was found as soon as it would have been detectable on a smear.  Because it was higher up it was only when the consultant started the lletz and removed cells further up that she had an inkling something was wrong.  She didn't tell me then, but waited for the results, which she fast-tracked.  I had a phone call on a Fri pm asking me to urgently go in Monday am (and take someone with me).  So I feared the worst, but didn't actually expect it.  There was a Macmillan nurse there and as soon as I entered the room I could see the sympathy on their faces.

I had been reassured all the way through that it looked fine and there was nothing to worry about :(

However, I know my case was very unusual.... there are others who have severe CIN 3 and everything turns out fine.  You can never tell!

Kirsty x