How were you diagnosed??

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me here. I've had a few episodes of bleeding after sex and am now bleeding everyday for the last 6 days, it is not my period, it stops and starts. I had CIN3 and LLETZ done 13 years ago. 

So far they have tested me for and ruled out the following;

Swab tests and urine tests - no infection or std 

transvaginal ultrasound - no polyps, fibroids or cysts

pap smear - negative result

gp check - no erosion visible (I've also never been on the pill and am breastfeeding which lowers oestrogen so this is highly unlikely)

full blood count and hormone level test (I assume for pregnancy) - nothing significant noticed there, levels fine  

Given my history, I am scheduled for a colposcopy and possible biopsy but I'm on a waiting list so it could be any time in the next 4 weeks.  I also have 3 kids, all born natural, never any bleeding problems  

Any ideas of what else could be causing my bleeding? Was anybody diagnosed with cc after having all these tests come back negative? My gp says the only way to diagnose cc is biopsy  

Thanks for any info and for taking the time to read  :) 


Hi :-)

Well I have no idea what's causing it but if all those tests have returned negative I'd be stunned if it turned out to be cervcal cancer.

Be lucky :-)

I was diagnosed with a smear test I was actually told by the doctor that it maybe cc, I then had to go to a&e as I was annemic and I again was looked at and again told that she was sure what it was I was then given a biopsy, pet scan, mri and ct scan and was diagnosed with advanced CC on the 3rd March this year. I have just finished my treatment.

I had large lumps of what looked like flesh that would come out of me but this was the cancer breaking away as it was so large it blocked my opening to my vigina

I hope it's good news for you - please keep pushing this

Hi Carmel, when you say advanced, what grade were you? Grade 4? 3?

What treatment did you have?

I don't know what grade it is as I've never asked - I didn't want to know I just wanted it gone! My treatment was 5 sessions of intense strong chemo which made me so poorly and I lost my hair, then they decided to give me another 4 sessions on top but because I was so poorly I only had another 2, I then had 28 sessions of radiotherapy and 3 sessions of bracatherpy - I've just recently finished my treatment now thank goodness!

The side effects of treatment affect people diffrently and it depends what kind of chemo you have (I don't know which one I had either I know I had 2 - I would blank it out).

You will have your answer soon so don't think the worse otherwise you will make yourself more poorly.

Message me any time xx