How to tell

Hi ladies,

I have my mum staying for a few days, I have told her pretty much everything, but not actually used the c word. She is kind of in bits as it is, and extremely worried about my recovery after hysterectomy as I have two children with special needs.

should I give her the full picture? Well, I know I should really, but how? My poor old dad is also in a bit of a state having had two strokes a couple of years ago, so she has that pressure too.

bloomin heck, no wonder I slept badly last night!

Molly xxxxx

Hi Molly,

I haven't told my Mum as she has a personality disorder and depression.

Also we lost my brother,so she would go to worst case scenario!!!

The first time I got cancer I told her when it was all over and she was in

a better place.

It's a hard call,but sometimes its better to limit the emotional impact for

all concerned.In my mind I would like her to be there for me but the reality

is she is not able to be that person.

Good luck.If you don't feel up to dealing with it,don't put extra stress on you.

You are the most important person in this.


Becky x

Hi Becky,

thank you SO much for this. Everyone has been telling me that I've just got to tell her, but my gut feeling is that it's just going to be too much for her. You have helped me make that decision! I will keep on telling her what's happening without mentioning the c word I think.

Molly xxxxx

(((HUG))) Glad I have helped :-)

It was lucky for me my hair didn't fall out,because I could carry

on blagging it with make-up etc LOL! I told her the op was for

adhesions(partly true!)The day I went in,of course I couldn't call

her and she has to speak to me every couple of hours or so!So when

I turned my phone back on I had loads of msgs saying she was getting

the police because something had clearly happened to me lol! When I told her

no I'd just been for a quick op and there was no need to even mention it she

was happy with that.People hear what the want to hear...All fine since,just the

odd comment"Are you sure you are ok?"I reply "Yes Mum,just the menapause kicking in!!!"

As long as you have other people around you to help you and support

you Molly thats the main thing.

I was lucky that my Dad was a star through out and of course my husband.

Hope you have a good recovery,and remember to be kind to yourself.

Becky Xx

My husband and his mum are super stars. I've got to stop worrying about them and let them get on!

Molly xx