How to stay calm and not worry

Tips to stop freaking out all the time!

Brief outline, had treatment in July for early cancer. Two Lletz treatments that removed it all. Just had 6 month smear test (no results yet) but can stop thinking the cancer is back and worse than before.

Recently came off the pill too which means my periods are all over the place, extremely heavy and erratic.
Waiting on a pelvic ultrasound for that. Could be related, could be something else. Who knows? Everything just seems to take ages to happen.

I’m just teary and a bit scared. Any strategies on how to stay calm and patient?

Hi, if your cancer was caught early and treated with lletz then the odds are hugely in your favour that you will be fine now. Plus you now being regularly monitored gives you even more protection. I had 1a1 cancer removed with 2 lletz in early 2015, just had my recent smear and it was negative, i still panic tbough and find it hard not to fear the worst but better than i used to be.
Be reassued that yours was caught early and treated with surgery before it had a chance to develop.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Feeling better after a good sleep, it just gets overwhelming at points!
Just need to wait patiently for results and take it from there. Glad that you’ve been well since your treatment