How to cope with the waiting

Hi ladies

i was wondering if anyone has any tips on coping as I am struggling a bit. Waiting on my appointment which is Friday and just can't stop thinking the worst. Based on what the doctor is saying and has seen the outlook is quite bleak and that's all I can focus on.

 I'm like a zombie constantly googling and had my poor boy friend in tears last night.

this forum has helped a bit as I can see how positive others are but at the same time I feel guilty for not being as positive.


does anyone have any tips as I feel I'm sinking. 



Hi Kimmy. What's your appointment for Friday? Is it your biopsy results? 

I'm afraid I don't have any tips as I am exactly the same! I think about it every waking moment and am googling constantly! 

This is my second Lletz treatment and after the 1st one I actually managed to distract myself after the first week and just thought if the worse does happen I would of wasted these weeks by stressing and worrying. If theres going to be more tests and treatment etc. Just try hard to enjoy these days before it all happens! 

I know it's  easier said than done as I am still in the 'wallowing' phase but I'm trying to block it out of my mind.


Good luck for Friday xx 

Hi claire

thanks for replying it's the colposcopy on Friday but my GP has basically told me to prepare for the worst.  It's hard as she has left with little hope or anything positive to cling to.

im trying to get on with things but it's hard.  My heart goes out to you and I wish you luck with everything.

one thing that did help me was bingo it sounds crazy but I had to focus on something else which helped, plus my boyfriend had a wee win!  



Why would your gp say that to you with absolutely no answers? I don't understand that what is the worst cin3? Cancer? Cgin? Think it's ridiculous to have done that to you. Did she refer you right away? I tried my best to keep things as normal as possible and I definitely done a lot of googling but it doesn't give you any answers can just be very scary. Xxx

Thanks Charlene, basically she said from what she could see it looks like cervical cancer and if it is it's likely to be quite advanced.  I appreciate her being frank but has scared me senseless esp still having a five day wait.


The waiting is awful, anyone who has been through it says the same.  It is so hard to keep your mind occupied with other stuff but that is what I tried to do.  Anything that gives you pleasure, bingo is a great idea!  Someone recommended meditation and calming / relaxing cd's which really helped me.  Had trouble concentrating at first but I kept trying and soon got into them.  I even lay on my bed doing guided meditation before I went into hospital for my op.

I also did lots of reading, chick lit and gossip mags were my favourites - nothing too heavy.

Wishing you lots of luck with your results and remember none of us are positive all the time.



Hi. What makes your gp think it is advanced. I had a 5 cm tumour on my cervix, but it was still staged at 1b. Unless your doc has xray eyes it is impossible to say how advanced it is! What I am trying to get at is that it's not the size that matters, it's how far it has gone and without knowing this, it is very unprofessional to say such things to you! I would make a complaint to the practice manager! Xxx

Hey Kimmy, 

from my personal experience wait to see what the colposcopy shows. The Drs their are the experts gp can only guess (mine had to google) I was told some awful things might happen to me and went through the same anxiety as you. It wasn't untill biopsies were taken that I got diagnosed as havimg something very different (although waiting for follow up smear results, fingers crossed). Please if you need to search stay on here, the support on here is fantastic, such amazingly strong women I'm proud to be associating with. 

Virtual hugs

caroline x