How to cope *children mentioned*

Hi all,
After having chemo/rads/brachy and given the all clear I should be on top of the world. I’m just not. Obviously I am so grateful for the treatment that has worked, but it has taken my fertility and I am on hrt at brelatively young age. I have one child and I know I am lucky to have them, but every time someone is pregnant or talks about pregnancy or children I feel like I have been punched in the gut. I just seem to get my head around it (not being able to have anymore) and then I see/hear/read something and it starts all over again. I so want to be happy for people and I am, but I am also incredibly jealous and just do not know that it’ll ever feel any better?
I am awaiting a counselling appointment so hoping that will help when it happens, but I am so sad and angry that life has dealt this.
I know there are no answers to this, I just needed to vent. I have no friends I can talk to about this as they either don’t have children yet (and I don’t want them to think they have to keep things from me) or are currently trying (this is so hard for me) x

Hi hon! I am 15 months from my treatment and feel the same, but my baby boy was still born as a consequence of my treatment. My brother and his partner had a baby in July and I still haven't seen her because I am still so upset/hurt/angry about everything. It's her baptism on Sunday and we are not going because I just can't bring myself to be happy around babies (I am a midwife, so this is a nightmare) xxx

Sending you both huge hugs - wish I could do more



Love to you both xxxxx

Oh helsweld my heart is breaking for you! It's never going to be ok but I hope time helps. Are you back at work? Have you been offered any counselling? I had an appointment come through today and I am hoping it will help.

Thanks Tivoli and Moonfish xx

love to both of you.

i can't imagine what you have went through helsworld.  I can relate to the baby thing, I have no kids and couldn't get my eggs taken.


im coping better but then something happens and it reminds me i will never have my own biological children. With me it was seeing the kids clubs when I was on hol.


ive been talking to a counsellor at the local cancer centre which I have found really helpful. I just feel cancer has taken so much 



Hi guys, thanks for the support. Our local hospital offer next to nothing after treatment, I did get two leaflets through the post tho (lucky me!) about life after chance. I could be referred for counselling but there is currently a 3-4 month wait! I have had enough of appointments and waiting so chose not to go. Also my lovely dad died very suddenly when my little girl was only a few weeks old and it is still quite raw, I really don't want this dragging up as well as I fear a mental association between the two events. When I say suddenly, he was fine then died within hours! 

Much love to you all xxx



you have bothe been through so much.  I too am in the 'gang' as CC has robbed me of my fertility at the age of 32. It's heartbreaking and I get so very very angry at times, but I'm here and healthy and that is the only thing that gets me through and enables me to get out of bed some mornings.  I've signed up to counselling and joined a support group, every little helps I guess, 



Oh ladies, this is heartbreaking! We didn;t want any more children, but my loss of fertility has still been hard to accept, the loss of choice. I simply cannot imagine how much this hurts for you Sweet pea, and Helsweld. Just sending hugs. I hope some counselling helps SP xx