How the doctor broke the news...

I went to hospital today following a LLETZ last week. I was fully prepared to be told I had CC but expected it to be Stage 1 and therefore requiring further treatment. And that's exactly what I was told. But I felt as though it was really laid on thick, "I'm afraid I have some bad news...", "We want to discuss you at our meeting on Monday...".


I felt as though the news was as expected but the delivery made me feel worse as it made it seem so dramatic. What are other people's experiences?

Hello I think you probably were mentally prepared for the news by the sound of it but some people aren't at all so it's a massive shock so they probably approach things like that for that reason. I had the simular chat lots of unfortunatelys and really they aren't allowed to say that much until they have the MDT meeting where all the professionals get together so the histolgy oncology consultant etc and talk about you and others. They look through your slides and make a decision based on that. try not to over think things hun they are probably told not to be blasé about it. Big big hugs. Lots of ladies just need cone biopsy or another lletz. go and speak with your gp too they generally are a good source on information that and cns if you were given her name. 

Do keep your your positive attitude and don't let others rub off on you xxxx

Thanks for your reply. Yes, my husband said they probably have the same approach for every patient. Going to tell my boss today. Will try not to be too dramatic!

I have no doubt they would be lambasted if they were to present a blasé approach. We are all different and we all react differently. Because the doctor giving you the news doesn't know you as well as some people might, the approach adopted has to be the one that would cause minimal offence to the majority of people.

Be lucky :-)

Similarly my first Doc bigged up all the scans and tests and MDT meeting - I suspect this was to make me feel as if everything was being done as fast as possible for me. I just stroked the lovely pompoms on her shoes ;-) 

Best of luck!

In all truthfulness I don't think you can ever be prepared to hear those words. You might have thought you were but it just hit you hearing some one say them x