How soon should I be screened

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place but I am new to this.
I was diagnosed with CIN3 and CIS in Sept 2012, I had a lletz, got all clear at 6 months the I was screened at 1 year after that (2014) and it was back - CIN1. I was monitored, checked annually and had smear, colposcopy, biopsies etc regularly until I was eventually diagnosed with CIN2/3 in 2015 and had a second lletz. It was as deep as it could be without being a cone biopsy and I had to sign to say my family was complete. Any way I had a fair few procedures over the years and have quite a history (in total had countless smears, 18 biopsies, 2 lletz). So I had the last lletz Jan 2016 and had 6 month check in July 2016 when I was given all clear from cells and HPV.
While this is great news, I can’t help but think that 3 years is a long time to wait given that I am still sexually active with the same partner. Should I be screened earlier? I don’t want to ask in case it is unnecessary? I don’t want to be back to square 1 in a couple of years time x

Hello. I'm also one of the few with recurring cin. I did have the all clear from HPV in June and the got screened again following bleeding and I was HPV positive again, although with no abnormal cells. I have also been put back on a three years smears, but because of my history I go private once a year for a smear. I figure it's a small amount to pay if it prevents it from getting worse. It's good that you are HPV negative. I hope for you that you stay this way for good! Good luck.

I your case I can understand why you feel somewhat uneasy about the three year wait. I'm not from the UK but in the NL they would problably first let you repeat after 1 year if the 6 month result was ok. So either suggest to your doctor that you would prefer a test after 12 months, and otherwise you could get it done privately. Well worth the investment.