How soon can I go to work.

Hi All

I'm having a colposcopy soon and I'm wondering if I'll have to take time off. How soon will I be able to work? The same day? The next day? Or will I need to have time to recover.

Thank you in advance - this forum has been amazingly helpful so far! Thank you.

Hi Sam,

I think it all totally depends on yourself and if you end up having a Lletz of similar done at the same time.

I had a colposcopy last Wednesday with 4 biopsies taken. I felt time afterwards other than mild cramping and my emotions were abit shot at but for around 3-4 days later I was very sore and uncomfortable with heavy bleeding. 

My experience is apparently uncommon and it seems most women are fine to return to work straight away if only had just a colposcopy rather than treatment aswel And they are perfectly fine. 

Maybe just give yourself the rest of the day off just to be on the safe side?

id also keep a supply of paracetamol and chocolate in standby if needed.

hope this helps some.



Hi Sam, I was fine afterwards. Bled for few days, etc but straight after I walked out I went shopping. Next day I went on a camping holiday with lots of cycling!

I had colposcopy ant the loop treatment at same time as saw bad cells... I did get an infection as became a bit smelly after few days... I was worried about this but when I went to dr he said is quite common and just gave me antibiotics.

I think everyone is different though so do what feels right for you . Hope this helps.



I took the day off as a holiday and chilled out afterwards. I could have gone to work though I reckon. I had biopsies taken and had a humungous amount of bleeding 3 days after it. i was terrified! It only lasted a few hours but jeez. A lot of blood! Not meaning to scare anyone, it's just I didn't expect it at all and if I was forewarned it would have helped

Best of luck xx

Hi I had a colposcopy & LLETZ loop biopsy all at the same time. It wasn't too bad, the only thing that slightly hurt was the initial injection (which was over in a matter of seconds). I had bleeding and cramps for a couple of days & then picked up an infection- which as Dons369 said it is fairly common. With a course of anti-biotics all was fine. It might be an idea to take a sanitary towel/ pad along with you incase there is any bleeding. They may provide you with one but sometimes your own are more comfy!

Wishing you all the best

PS.  I took the remainder of the day off and went to work the next day but everyone is different. It may be worth taking the day/ following day off to rest just to be sure


I had a LLETZ and took the whole day and the following day off work. I felt well enough to go back but I stayed off because I was worried that too much walking about would cause me some discomfort. 

i had my colposcopy/biopsies in the evening so booked the next day to be on the safe side but I could have worked. When I had my LLETZ work gave me the day after off too but again it wasn't really needed it was just nice to. Aside from that I was at work as normal. I think it's different for everyone to be honest. Hope that helps and good luck x