How soon after MRI?

How soon did you get your results after the MRI? 

I think it was a little over a week. They looked at the results and discussed them at the weekly MDT meeting before talking to me in clinic.

Good luck x

Mines was just under 2 weeks, I know i varies from hospital to hospital though.


Good luck xx

about a week - my consultant was on holiday but you have to wait for the MDT to meet.

Mine was 2 weeks… Had to wait for an appointment with my consultant so he could discuss everything with me… Although I phoned my nurse before hand and she told me “nothing major was found” xx

I got my results the next day. I was lucky that the MDT meeting was the next morning - and my nurse specialist rang straight after it had finished to let me know. So I was lucky with no waiting and worrying time. Can you ring and ask if they have them already?