How soon after LLETZ can I have sex?

I have been with my partner 2 months and he is very understanding of my situation. I had LLETZ last Thursday and was told about not having sex for 3 weeks after on the leaflet I was given. However on the internet I read it says to wait 4 weeks ?? I was expecting a lot of discharge and bleeding but havent had any since, apart from the first day a light amount of blood- but I was at the end of my period anyway. I have a really high sex drive so it is difficult to abstain from sex, although I have managed to not have vaginal intercourse as I am really worried, but is there any way of knowing when I am fully healed as I have no pain or discharge whatsoever? 

I would defiantly wait the advised time! I'm also in a fairly new relationship ( 5 months). My boyfriend has also been amazing. We both have high sex drives but even though u are not having any pain or bleeding you will still be healing!. Just think how good the sex will be after waiting 4 weeks!! X

Hey chrissay,
I’ve recently had mine done and I’m in a relatively new relationship as well.
I’ve been told to go 6 weeks without any vaginal contact… How did things end up going because I feel like him and I are both going crazy !