How soon after Cone Biopsy & Stitch can you start TTC

Hi All, 


I am booked for for cone biopsy and cervical cerclage (stitch) on November 1st. 

It has been a long road, after 6.5 years TTC, we finally did naturally, only to have a miscarriage back in August 2017, followed by abormal smear results (GCIN / AIS) which results in 2 lletz procedures, the second of which returned one positive margin high up. 

I've had an MRI (all clear) and repeat screening - the first of which was an unsatisifactory sample, so had to be done again. I'm still waiting on the results of this but my Doctor is so good and has said regardles of the result we're going to proceed with 1) cervical cerclage (stitch)  - if results come back all clear, or 2)  cone biopsy and cervical cerclage (stitch) - if results don't come back all clear.

The plan is to fast track having a baby (IVF) and perhaps look at a hysterectomy down the line as my abnormal cels are glandular and tricky to monitor. 


Anyhow, here's hoping I don't need the cone biopsy, but if I do - how soon get we get going with IVF? I'm 36, married 9 years and feel like I have taken the most uncomfortable rollercoaster of scenic route to get to my desired destination. I simply can't waste anymore time. If I have one healthy baby I will be the happiest women in the world and would have no problem signing up for a hysterectomy after that. 


I have read some beautiful success stories here about pregnancies after cone biopsy, and stitch, but strugging to find out how long I might have to wait after surgery to get cracking. Would absolutely love it if you could share your stories with me please? 


Thanks so much xxx 

Hi there, I just wanted to update my post because it drives me crazy when you're searching a particular topic and come across a thread that totally describes your situation and then there is no follow up and you always wonder what happened.... 

So I'll tell you! 

Smear in November 2018 finally returned clear result

Had cervical cerclage in December 2018

Had cervical canulation in Feb 2019 (due to stenosis)

IVF in April and now pregnant 

:) :) :)