How should I feel emotionally


had LLETZ yesterday an had CIN3 panicking now does it really take up to 6weeks for any results and how likely it could be Cc?

i feel like I'm over reacting and as they've said it's not cc I shouldn't  worry and not talk about it? Should i feel this way. People say don't worry they'd of told you now if serious with the tests already done am I right in thinking this is serious or am I overthinking it. Sorry for rambling just my head is everywhere 

thank you 

sam xx


I had 3 LLETZ procedures over a period from 2000 - 2013 and in October last year was diagnosed with early stages CC which resulted in a full hysterectomy for me and the removal of an  ovary.  I worry about the results of my procedures and it is only natural.  I would bottle things up but have found it is always good to talk, you are not over reacting it is normal.  I used to feel like my head was fuzzy and I could not concentrate, but having good family and friends helps.  Always talk even if you think you are going on and on, becaused if you bottle it up that made me worse.  My emotions are like a roller coaster one minute I am fine, the next I could be crying.  I hope you get your results soon and that they are clear xx Jayne

Thank you Jayne been a good day today. It's more when I get home and start thinking hopefully wont be long but anytime up till 1st august which seems a lifetime away xx

The morning after LLETZ i was an emotional wreck! youll feel a bit rubbish as youll be healing for 4-6 weeks and wearing pads etc so maybe treat yourself to clothes, shoes hair etc. after the healing you really shouldn't worry as nothing you can do until test of cure when they will most likely tell you its all good see you in 1-3 years. the worst is usually over. If like me its not over you may have to have repeat LLETZ but do you bit stay healthy etc and thats all you can do. worrying won't help and i know its easier said than done x