How scary are receptionists??

I have got a cervical erosion and lump in my cervix. During my colposcopy I was told that there were three abnormal areas and had them biopsied. I was due to go into hopsital on Friday to have the lump removed and the erosion cauterised.   Then last tuesday, the hospital rang and said tht my results from the biopsies were in and although they were still planning to take the lump out and do the cauterisation under a local anesthetic, my appointment would now take longer than previously planned and as a result my appointment was moved to later on in the evening (6:45pm). The person I spoke to was very kind and polite but scared me by saying that it was better I was being seen later on in the day becuase I would get more privacy and and support being the latest appt in the day.  She also said that becuase I hae already had an MRI and ultrsound my results had been discussed at an MDT meeting and the longer appt time was so that we could ' discuss my future treatment options'. She kept saying  to bring someone with me - which was fine because my husband was going to come with me.   Then on Wednesday my period came so I called the hopsital who said they wouldn't do the cauterisation until this Thursday when I wasn't bleeding.  That's fine - I undersatnd that some things can't be done when I have my period but it just seems like an eternity waiting for this appointment. and given the new time ( clashes with the school run) I will be going on my own now.  Has anyone else had an MDT meeting. What is it?  I am so worried becuase I think that if there was nothing wrong my results wouldn;t need another meeting or a longer appt. I don;t think the receptionist meant to scare the life out of me but she has done and I am fretting.  Can anyone tell me what an MDT is? SHould I be more woried than I already am? My hubby is amazing and keeps telling me that nothing is worng otherwise they would have seen me period or no period.  Is he right?

Hi hun, an MDT (multi disciplinary team) meeting is where a few specialists from different areas (surgeons, nurses, oncologists, gynaecologists etc) meet to discuss treatment options of patients they are treating in their weekly meeting.
I wouldnt worry about it too much as i think they would have had you in ASAP if it was anything serious.

Thanks annaM123.  I think you are right - I am just worrying myself - not too long to go now. I am definietly being seen on Thursday so will psot an update then xx