How quickly do things move?

Hi there


i was urgently referred for the procedure and am getting it on Friday. I haven't been coping well so saw my GP who examined me. To be honest it's looking quite bleak with me having all the symptoms and my cervix looking inflamed, bumpy (califlower like) and abnormal.  She offered up other conditions but CC very likely and she said if it is that it's likely to be advanced. im googling cauliflower and most things come back as very bad.


ive accepted I'm likely to have a bad outcome however was wondering if you obviously have cancer how quickly do things progress when you have the procedure? Do they do other tests while waiting for biopsy results or are you still waiting four weeks for anything to start?


is there a way of speeding anything up? I'm finding the waiting hard to cope with more than anything and I'm really struggling.



Hi kimmy, my heart goes out to you as the whole waiting for results, procedures etc can drive you crazy, especially when not expecting great news.  I feel that others could probably tell you more than I could about whether you could speed up the process.  I also presume that this would depend on what hospitals etc as a lot are different.   My own personal experience was very very quick, in fact, probably too quick and didn't have the chance to get my head around everything.  Probably between diagnosis and treatment was only 4 weeks.  I am sure that from what you say you will be treated as urgent.  If you have any concerns I would definitely speak to your Dr when you see them and tell them this.   Please try and stay positive, hard I know, especially with the dreaded Google available to us!  My tumour was 3 cm in the end after thinking it was 4cm and I'm all good now 8 months later, another girl I know was 9cm and is now 2 years clear and with modern science all outcomes are so much better.  Hopefully someone can probably tell you a bit more with hurrying procedures etc so you can put your mind at rest


big hugs


Thanks zoet


your story has at least made me feel a bit more positive. My mum keeps telling me to be positive it's just hard given there is no other likely diagnosis and that if I do have CC it will be quite advanced. I just wished I had a wee shread of hope but there doesn't seem to be.


your story has made me hopeful though so thanks for that.  Just feel so alone 

Hi Kimmy,

The waiting is so awful. I had a EUA and biopsy on the monday, mri on the friday, got biopsy results of CC on the thursday, had ct scan on tues and now waiting for staging which is on Monday. 

I hope it's not CC for you. I've convinced myself of the worst (as if having CC isn't enough). I randomly cry and can feel myself becoming withdrawn. I just wish it would go away. I have friends and family around and totally get the loneliness. I just feel as if I am in the dark.

I'm sorry I can't be more positive,  I just wanted to let you know you're not alone in feeling the way you do x

I know you must feel awful right now, the unknown is what we dread the most and the lack of control over the situation.  That's why these forums are great because suddenly there are others that have had to deal with the exact same situation, even though the experience can be different for others.  You will know so much more when you have seen the doctors.  Upon being told they had found a tumour I had alsorts of horrible dreadful thoughts going through my head.  But once you know what you are dealing with you can prepare your head better.   I had the attitude of right, let's do this and dealt with every situation head on.  upon my second consultation they had made me much more positive and wasn't half as bad as I thought in the end.  I hope your news isn't half as bad as what your preparing for, and don't feel alone, there will be so many people that want to help and support you, you'll be good xx