How quickly can things change? borderline changes, HPV+, CIN2

Hi everyone,

Can I please start by saying how wonderful this website and forum is. I have only just joined and this is my first post but it is lovely and comforting to read everyones stories. i have found it very reassuring.

I am only just starting on this journey and have done lots of research which i have found has helped.

I received my letter following my smear test on the 19th of October which confirmed borderline changes. I went for the colposcopy yesterday and the nurse took 2 biopsies (one lower and one upper) she said she thinks it is CIN 2 and that i will require treatment. She offered me Lletz under GA as she said there was quite alot that needs removing and I am very squeamish about these sorts of things. She also requested i go and see my GP to arrange blood tests as i have a swollen lymph node in my neck. I am now obviously awaiting the biopsy results and waiting for my treatment date.

She did mention that it was strange that the diagnosis has gone from borderline to CIN 2 in just a month (she said it may even be a higher diagnosis that that and i will need to wait for the results)

From what i have read on other threads most people dont get a diagnosis until they have the biopsy or Loop. Could anyone tell me if they had been given this much info at Colp? and if I can really go from borderline to CIN 2 that quick? i suppose the BIG question is if it has moved quickly are there chances of it being cc? Are there any chance she may of got it wrong and i am actually only CIN 1 as the smear results suggested?

Sorry too many questions i know!!

Smear tests are not great at being specific. They will tell if something is wrong but not great at telling them how bad it is.

The person who did your colposcopy will be pretty well skilled at judging level of CIN from sight but will only be sure after biopsies are taken.

In all my experience smear results have always been lower or the same as fact.(I call fact biopsy results) and biopsy results have been lower or same as colposcopy results.

So i don't think you've gone from borderline to CIN2 that quickly I would hazard a guess that the smear result was inaccurate. The chances of there being cancer present are teeny tiny.  Hope that makes sense.




Thank you for your reply.... that does make sense. 

Just an update....received my biopsy result today... No CIN!! I couldn't believe it, I thought she must of had someone else's results being as the report she gave me after my Colp suggested CIN 2. 

Im soooo relieved. Slightly confused but very happy.