How often does CIN 1 clear on its own?

I’m 28 and I just had my first colposcopy this past week. I scheduled the colposcopy as soon as I could after finding out that high risk HPV dna was found on my routine pap smear. I had a horrible first experience. The nurse practitioner was really rude and wouldn’t answer most of my questions and when she did the answers were curt, snippy, and also incorrect. She told me I had tested positive for HPV 16 and 18. (I did not find out till later that this was incorrect.) I ended up leaving crying and stressing that I was going to end up loosing my uterus in a year and never be able to have kids. She also insisted on having an “assistant” with her to “help” her with the procedure…is this standard practice? I am wondering if this was a student observer. I guess I should be grateful I could get this done at all on university insurance at a state school.

Anyway, I got the DNA typing from the biopsies and I do not have HPV 16, 18 or 45 so this lessened the stress a bit, although I do not know which/how many of the high risk types I do have. I do have CIN 1 that may or may not resolve on its own in the next couple years. It is really the not knowing what is going to happen next that gets to me the most. Its like O.K., now I know I have abnormal cells in my cervix that may completely alter my life and the nurse practitioner is just like “get a new pap next year”.

Maybe its because I am still leaking vinegar and iodine but I am having a real hard time forgetting about this till next year. I feel like I should be more proactive. I am really grateful for this site… everyone seems so supportive and kind, and It is really calming to hear first hand accounts so that I can have some idea of what my future holds…although I am wondering what % of cases CIN 1 goes away on its own???

Hi Alita, Sorry you had such a rough experience. Hope you are feeling better now. I think sometimes doctors and nurses just forget about how confronting medical stuff can be to a regular person when they are involved in it every single day, and they are not as reassuring as we would like them to be. I had my first abnormal smear a lot older than you (35 years) and it was high grade, so I went down a different path to you. One doctor told me that even with CIN 3 up to around 20–30 % can heal on their own. I don't know what the figures are for CIN 1 but I imagine it is a higher percentage. I think with younger women (under 30 I think I read) they prefer to take a wait and see approach, particularly with the lower grades of CIN. Just please make sure you do get your next follow up smear in a year to make sure it is going away and not lingering or progressing. In the mean time, as hard as it is, please try not stress too much. From what I have read, being affected by HPV has a lot to do with the strength of your immune system, and that in turn is affected by how healthy a lifestyle you are leading and stress. Best wishes. Gabrielle

(Hug) Thank you Gabrielle! I have done some more searching and every site says something different but I am thinking roughly 50 - 60% of CIN 1 cases go away on their own. I will definately be keeping on top of this and I am going to pray that I am one of the lucky ones!!!!