How often are biopsies wrong?

My biopsy came back as CIN3 and today I had my LLETZ to remove the cells. The procedure went a lot better than I thought. However, I did ask what are the chance it could come back as cancer - he said it would unusual but did not rule it out. Does anybody know how often this happens?

I’m so anxious I’m barely eating.

Thank you x

Hi @Bubblesqueak27

Its very rare that a biopsy is wrong, generally its down to human error rather than the biopsy itself i.e misinterpreting the sample, marking it down wrong or the person taking the biopsy hasnt done it right etc but there are measures in place to minimise human error as much as possible as it is the best we have at confirming or denying

On the rare occasion that a LLETZ does come back with cancer, after the previous biopsy has returned CIN3, the LLETZ removes all of the cancer without the need for further treatment (chemo etc) as it would be very early CC

Its alot easier said than done but try to stay positive, your doctor is right when they say it would be unusual xx

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