How much post coital bleeding?


When they say bleeding after sex is a symptom of CC, does that mean a strong bleed or does spotting count?

I’m having spotting after sex. It’s been about a year. First I ignored it, but my back aches now, so I’ve had my smear today. I know it could be nothing, by it “feels” like somethings changed down there (does that sound stupid!?)

I do have history-CIN3, LLETZ, 8 years clear and then 18 months ago I had a borderline smear but no HPV so no investigation was made.

I’d appreciate some insight on how much blood they mean? Don’t worry about frightening me… I’d just like some clarity.

For me the comment 'You're bleeding like a stab victim' was uttered!

It certainly wasn't spotting.

But i was diagnosed late (stage 2) and hadn't had sex in ages, so I may of noticed spottibng before if I'd been sexually active before if that makes sense.

You've been really sensible and had your smear. Fingers crossed for a good result!

Thanks for your reply 365, that sounds awful.

im going to take a little read of your blog.


I appreciate this post is a few months old but I wondered how you had got on?  Sounds very similar to my experience, 'bleeding' after sex wouldn't really describe my symptoms as it's a pink smear when I wipe (sorry TMI) and that's all I have had but I have never experienced this before and I also have a history of CIN3.