how much pain and discomfort is normal?

Hi ladies, 

I had lletz treatment on Monday (01/12) after high grade dyskaryosis was found. 

I went back to work today but was sent home with advice to not return until Monday as I am very uncomfortable and am experiencing constant cramping and some sharp pains 'down there'.

I am just wondering what pain is normal and how long to expect it to be around for? 

I would appreciate any advice as I don't know anybody in my circle of friends or family who have been through this who can help. 

Thank you :-) 


Hi Hun, I also had lletz for high grade dysokaryosis. I had sharp shooting pains for upto 5 weeks after and cramps. They weren't constant and they did get less and less until one day I noticed they weren't there anymore. I just took painkillers when it got too much but found I was better at work as it took my mind off things. Things will get better but you are bound to have after effects after having something like that done. Hope you feel better soon x

Thank you for your reply :-) I've been to the pharmacist who has given me some strong painkillers. Thanks very much, hope you are ok now x

I had the same thing on Monday too. I keep have waves of feeling sick is this normal?


I haven't really had nausea but I think it must be normal hun. I am waiting for a phone call from my GP to discuss symptoms. Could you call yours to put your mind at ease? X

My first LLETZ made me feel dreadful for a few weeks. I had sharp pains still going for 10 days after and I went to the GP, it was an infection so I needed antibiotics. I think you should maybe go to the GP if you have a high temp and still feelign sick tomorrow . Lucy x

thanks guys. x

Hi Becca - I had my LLETZ yesterday and I've felt nauseous since then too so you're not alone with that! I also felt really spaced out today and a little dizzy. (I had local not general anaesthetic). The cramps started today and have gotten work this evening, but I'm going to go to work tomorrow so I'm not sitting here feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on it.