How much longer!?

It will be three weeks sinc. My LLETZ this week and after a weeks worth of anti-biotics for an infection that's finally cleared up but I'm still bleeding (light glow) Feeling dizzy, nauseated, in pain and just generally rubbish. Anyone else experienced this and can just assure me it will end eventually? 


Nikki xx

Hi nikki

I also had my lletz almost 3 weeks ago and whilst I can't assure you that it gets better, I am in the same boat! I had heavy bleeding, was diagnosed with an infection around a week ago and had to stay in hospital a few days with a vaginal pack (not pleasant!) as the bleeding was so heavy. It's a lot lighter now but I am generally feeling very dizzy and pretty down about it. I thought that everything would be settled after four weeks but three weeks in, it is not looking like it will be! Any reassurance out there would be much appreciated!


May 2014- abnormal smear

May 2014- biopsy and colposcopy- confirmed cin3

June 2014- lletz procedure

Hi Liss, thank you for replying. I finished one course of anti-biotics and saw another GP last week who has gave me pain killers and another does of anti-biotics as they think the infection may have spread to the pelvis. Saw another GP today who sent me down to A&E as symptoms have not resolved- A&E Dr advised the infection seems to have cleared up and they are not too sure why i'm still in pain. Seeing GP again on Tuesday and being sent for ultrasound in a couple of weeks. Wss really hoping it would all be over by now. 

Sorry to hear you've had such a hard time, Have you received your results yet? Fingers crossed you'll feel better soon :)


You may want to start taking probiotics to replace all that good flora/bacteria in your digestive tract that the antibiotics killed off. Try to get one that has at least 11 different good bacteria with total count of 20 billion per day.

Remember that infections can leave scarring. If that is the case, be sure you ask healthcare team what you can do, like maybe increase Vitamin E for a time.

Hope this helps. Hugs

hey ladies

just wanted to add that if the GPs and A&E are not able to resolve things, do try the colposcopy dept directly.  i bled for 15 weeks continuous post cone biopsy and after calling the colposcopy secretary, i got in for an appointment and scan with the gynacologist within 2 days.  sometimes they can squeeze you in if you are having issues the GP cannot resolve.  things do get better, sometimes it just takes a little longer to heal.