How much fluid are you drinking?

I’m aiming on 4- 6 litres a day. I don’t know if thas too much.
I’m determined to be hydrated and avoid kidney damage but then I’m panicking that I’m watering down the effect of the chemo. I’m such a hypochondriac drama queen, how I ever got to stage 4 without diagnosis I’ll never know.

Also green tea? Yes or no? My chemo nurse didn't see why not but I've heard people say it's a definite no

Hi hunni, 6ltrs is too much as you will water down your blood and you can flood your organs.

i think the recommended amount is 3ltrs a day which is normal for everyone so aim for that - plus the constant weeing is annoying!!

there is nothing you need to avoid eating/drinking but I would recommend avoiding food you enjoy as your taste buds can change - mine did and I can't eat some of the food I use to. My taste buds are going back to normal now.

your kidney function is monitored with blood tests which you have before each chemo session so any changes will be picked up straight away.


Thanks carmel  I honestly don't know what I would do without you and the other lovely ladies on here.  

I stopped at around 5 l today although I do feel thirsty. Yes I wee such a lot and I'm fed up of it. I'm hungry too but I know if I eat now I'll not sleep. 

I'm still earing as normal.  I haven't cut down on my fruit and veg intake. I thought I'd wait until the loose bowels kick in to do that.

With the green tea, people are saying it can affect the chemo so I think I'll swap it for echinacea tea instead. That builds up your immune system apparently. 

I've mostly been drinking water but my fluid intake has also been from my morning fruit smoothie and my afternoon veggie smoothie (I know these will probably need to stop soon). I'm also drinking one glass of cranberry juice a day to try to protect against cystitis.  

I've discovered I like chai tea too and I treat myself to a coffee every day.  I'll cut down on the water tomorrow and look forward to less time on the toilet x 

I might overload on chocolate because I would love to go off that! 

Thanks again carmel x you really have helped me from my very first post on here x 

Hi Philleepa :-)

I was on Green Tea throughout my treatment because I couldn't stand coffee, which normally I live on. I think I was originally told to drink 4 litres per day which I struggled with but did anyway. When they upped that to six I gave in and dropped back to round about three.

Hope it continues to go well :-)
Be lucky :-)

It's so funny how everyone gets told different information isn't it. A lot of ladies are told not to have green tea because it affects the absorption of the chemo, however,  one lady said it was served on her chemo ward. My chemo nurse just didn't know when I asked. The fluid business has to be cut down.  I'm never off the loo.  I'll go for 4 litres I think. It's weird though cos even though I had about 5 litres yesterday,  I was thirsty in bed! I was fed up of going to the loo though. 

Thanks again x 


I'm going to switch to echinacea tea cos it is supposed to increase your immune system  x 

Your very welcome everyone on here has been such a help to me  nice to be able help someone else.

i had terrible thirst at night so I took a bottle of water bed with me I would wake up dying for the loo but if I didn't quench my thirst I would wake with a head ache and dry mouth like a hangover.