How much bleeding is normal!?


I had a colposcopy a week and a half ago, a bit of a traumatic one as they took biopsy and also found that my IUD was loose as well so replaced that all at the same time! First few days I was in absolute agony and put it down to period pains as my period was about due and also just generic pain from the procedure. It's now been over a week, I'm pretty sure my period should have passed to (although very different to a usual one). The thing is, I am still bleeding but it seems very random and I don't know what's normal, I can not bleed at all then will go to the loo and it's there there I wipe!? 

Also, suddenly today a bunch of brown "gunk" seemed to randomly come out. I've done a lot of reading online and it seems very hit and miss of how long bleeding is normal for. 


Just wondering if anyone had any experience as tbh, at nearly 2 weeks of wearing pads, it's getting a bit frustrating when everything seems to say bleeding should only be for a week so I'm not sure whether I should be concerned!? 





Hi, yes. UTIs are common after LLETZ and any concerns should be discussed with your GP surgery.


Hope you're okay xx


Thank you, I wasn't too sure if it was a uti as no burning sensation or desperation to pee. I just didn't expect to be bleeding quite so long after it as all the guidance makes it sound like only a week. I'm hoping it stops soon though it is keeping me distracted from worrying about the results.

I have got the GP calling me Thursday so at least if jt hasn't stopped by then I can raise any concerns, it's not heavy so don't think I need to be rushing out, just concerned the healing is taking a long time or not working properly but really not sure what is considered normal.

Worryingly I had the check because I was hpv positive or I would have been dismissed and considering they took a biopsy, I'm glad I was now.  

I had my coil out during my LLETZ and they won't replace until 6 weeks post op. I was bleeding for about a week but not a lot, then I got my period which was ridiculously heavy. That stopped and I started bleeding heavily again with clots so they sent me to A&E. They weren't too concerned when I got there and said it could be 4-6 weeks and having my coil out will probably have made it worse. 

I really hope I don't need a lletz otherwise I will be almost annoyed she put a new mirena in as I know they often have to come out during lletz and the mirena was the worst part of the procedure!. I didn't have a lletz, just a punch biopsy and all the guidance said bleed for a week but when I spoke to a nurse yesterday, she seemed not too concerned and to give it a bit longer so guess wait and see, think just frustrating as my normal period timing is well over now but because I've been generally bleeding, I have no idea whether or not I've had it and its just been surprisingly light. 

The bleeding whilst wiping is almost similar to when on a period so I don't think uti at least but have a test arriving tomorrow anyway so guess its just a very frustrating waiting game!

Hello, i had biopsy and lletz and my coil got took out also. The bleeding is very heavy and am not sure if it's because of coil or not, it's clotty and very red.... maybe to much detail, and the worry of waiting is awful ?