How many lymph nodes were taken?

Hi ladies,

i just just contacted my consultant's secretary to see if she could tell me how many lymph nodes I had removed during my trachelectomy....she says there were 8 removed from the right and 11 from the left. I just wondered if any of you knew how many of yours had been removed? Just interested to know if it varies and why?  I've had more from the left which might explain these issues I'm having with swelling of my left leg.

sarah xx

I had 19 removed from pelvis, womb area and groins  x 

I had 19 removed too. I think it comes down to how many they can find! 

All 19 so far!! :)

I had 8 from the left side and 12 from the right. I have slightly worse swelling on my right side. The amount of lymphoe nodes you have does vary between individuals :)

19 from me too lol! 

I feel cheated! Only 17 for me. 6 on one side and 11 on the other but for some strange reason I cannot now find this anywhere in my notes so I don't know which was left and which was right. Weird!

Ok, I'm going to top all of the above - don't know the left/right split but it was just under 40 removed.  I found out afterwards that this was a large number so I double checked with the consultant and he confirmed it.


I had 38 removed. I think that's because i had lvsi in conization piece so they wanted to be on the safe side

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I finally sat down and translated my pathology report yesterday - it was a struggle I can tell you! Anyway, from what I can work out they remove tissue samples and find lymph nodes in them, so they aren't deliberately removing a specific number. I suppose it's a bit like trawler fishing, you don't know what's in the net till you pull it up. Anyhow, for the record mine were 11 right and 6 left.

Be lucky :-)

Love that analogy Tivoli - you always manage to make me smile!  Never knew thats what they do so many thanks for that.



Glad to make you smile Cheryl :-) I never knew that's what they did either! But translating my patholgy report has led me to that conclusion. Just so you know, from my right side they took 8 tissue samples ranging in size from 1 - 2.5cm in which they found a total of 11 nodes ranging from 0.2 - 2.3cm; and from my left side they took 5 tissue samples ranging in size from 0.8 - 3.2cm in which they found a total of 6 lymph nodes ranging from 0.3 - 0.8cm. It all sounds very random to me!


I had 11 removed, 4 from the right and 7 from the left :)