How many LLETZ is too many

Hi, I’m new to forum and wondering how many procedures others have had.
I’ve had multiple procedures over the years. I’m 39 now and when I was 19/20 I had a freezing treatment for CIN1. Then 9 years ago I had CIN3 and my first LLETZ procedure. My smear 18months ago came back showing CIN1 but doctor wanted to give it 12 months to see if it would go away (12 months of worrying later) I had another smear which showed it hadn’t. He brought up hysterectomy due to age and fact I don’t want children but decided to re perform the LLETZ again. I had an abnormal heavy bleed following intercourse a month or so later. Then My 6month smear check was hell and I bleed for 3weeks. My results came back positive for CIN1 again. I’m at the hospital tomorrow to see the colposcopy team again, I’m definitely going to try move them towards hysterectomy if possible still. I just don’t want to have it as a worry in my life anymore so I’m really hoping this is an option.

Hi @Cobbers

Usually they can only do up to 3 LLETZ’s depending on how much has been removed on each procedure… but you should know that having a hysterectomy doesnt stop you from developing abnormal cells, you are still at risk of having them develop on the vaginal cuff where the cervix use to be, instead of CIN cells they would be called VAIN cells and you would be offered regular vault smears instead of cervical smears… a hysterectomy is a very last resort for treating abnormal cells x

Thank you for the information, I was unaware of this and definitely something to think about and ask about tomorrow. :slight_smile: :blush:

I hope everything goes well with your appointment, sending positive vibes :slight_smile: x

Hi @Cobbers

I hope you are keeping well.
I have had 3 Lletz that haven’t been successful at clearing the abnormalities and was told in July that my only option now is to opt for a hysterectomy due to how much of my cervix has already been removed, @Tinkerbelle29 is right in saying about the vault smears, unfortunately as they told me a hysterectomy doesn’t completely remove the development of abnormalities.
When I went to my appointment, it was abit overwhelming with all the information they gave, I found out writing down the things I wanted to ask helpful because I tend to go about blank and think of things after.
Wishing you all the best at your appointment.

Take care

Lilo x

Thank you so much for your response. It’s really helpful, definitely isn’t something I was aware of but Now I can ask about it. X

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t aware of it either before going to my appointment in July, I thought that a hysterectomy would be final and the end to it all.

I hope that your appointment went well and tha you are okay.

All the best

Lilo x

Hi ive had 4 lletz now but not much left of my cervix to take im 33 and having a hysterectomy soon as not much else they can do i to just want to be rid of it i hope this stops it from getting to cancer hope all gos well with you and your treatments

Thanks everyone, I saw a completely different doctor to my last (he wasn’t very helpful in my eyes) He said my cervix is quite long still so feels I don’t need the hysterectomy. I had a biopsy again which was really painful this time and 3 days later I’m now heavy bleeding so got to speak to my GP.
I know hysterectomy is not 100% but I’m so emotional today that it’s highly likely I’ll be back in this place at some point do the same thing. I’m just so drained by it all. :pensive:

Sorry to hear this they are rather painfull after. I know its difficult with it lingering in your mind as i am the same its better that they keeping checking and keep on top of it than it being left. Im starting to get use to the idea that i stuck with this now for a long time and trying to accept it. Im having a hysterectomy in a months time im hoping it will remove my cell changes i know i will still have hpv but as long as they keep checking it they can stop it from getting any worse. I hope your bleeding calms down and all will be ok