How many LLETZ can you have?


I used to be on here a few years back, as I went through a long period of persistent abnormal cells, starting in 2007. I had a LLETZ in 2008, and again in 2009 both times I think for CIN2, and then was having regular colposcopies every 6 months. I then had my first child, had a colposcopy straight after which was clear. However, 6 months later I again had an abnormal result (December 2011) and was told to return in 6 months. This then fell when I was pregnant with my second child, so I was told to wait until 12 weeks after birth, and then the first appointment I could get was a couple of weeks ago. This has again come back as mildly abnormal. I have only ever once had an HPV test done and this came back negative (despite coinciding with abnormal cells at the time), but they haven't tested for HPV this time.

The generic letter said to wait another 6 months, but when I queried this with my GP she spoke to the consultant, who has agreed that, given my history I should go straight to colposcopy which will be in a couple of weeks.

How many LLETZ can one cervix take? If the colposcopy finds anything more than CIN 1 are they likely to perform a third LLETZ?

And is it more likely that my abnormal cells will become cancerous because they have been around for so long?

I have so many questions to ask the consultant, I guess I just have to be patient and wait for the appointment, but after burying my head in the sand for the last two years, and then actually working out how long this has been going on for, I am starting to feel the old dread and worries returning.

Thanks for any light you can shed on the above!

Hi Hannah

You can had quite a few LLETZ procedures, there was a lady on here a while ago who had about 4 but that is unusual. I've had 2. Like you I keep getting abnormal cell changes, usually CIN1  and then it's off to colpscopy, then it's a clear and then CIN1. So for the past nearly 2 years I've been in and out of colpscopy. They generally don't treat CIN1 but leave it to see if it goes away. I'm not sure what they're doing about the HPV test as from what I was told today they're not testing for it. But I am lead to believe that if you test CIN1 then they will test you for it, this is being rolled out around the country so it depends on where you are as to what they are doing. You could always try asking to be tested for it. If you do test positive for HPV what they're doing in my area is, sending you for colpscopy and seeing if there are any changes and if there are then they're keep seeing you every 6 months. If you have 2 negative smear tests (not HPV they don't test that again) then they put you back on 3 yearly smears.

This is my understanding and what I was told at the colpscopy clinic today but as I said it changes slightly around the country. I suggest you have a chat to your consultant and see what they say. Sorry I can't be of much help, but let us know how you get on. I'd be interested to see what you consultant says.

Good luck x