How many ladies fit and well after recurrence?

Hi ladies,

I was just interested to know how many ladies have

had recurrence and been treated succesfully....I would just like to

compare notes.

I have still got pain and it's comming up to a year since I finished


I know I am in a minority,so far I have only been in touch with a

couple of ladies,but I am hopefull that more ladies are out there :-)

Thanks in advance

Becky x

How I wish I could help you with this one Becky. I too would love to hear the answer to this very important question. My thoughts are with you always.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli :-)

I thought I'd put a shout out,you never know.

All the best

Becky x

I would also like to hear anyy answers to this question, sorry no input from me as I don't know x

Hi Becky,

Good to know you are doing well, its 3 and a half years since my treatment for recurrence, I too would be interested to chat to ladies in our position, but I feel many like me do not come on Jo's as much because we try to move forward and put it behind us.  I am still getting pains and often get niggles which concern me at the moment have a slight concern so will be def getting it checked out, it never leaves us this concern its back again, I  just have to learn to live with my fears, I'm here and going to enjoy what I have because everything since diagnosis is a blessing.

All the best

Debbie x

Hi Debbie,

Good to hear from you :-)

Like you say learning to live with it is the key.Apart from

the pain I am perfectly ok.I have been taking a supplement called

Ashwagandha by solgar. It has really helped my energy levels and

the pain seems to have changed.Look it up online it might be good for

you too.I have tried everything to get back to "normal".But in the end

everything just takes time.Hope all your niggles turn out to be just that.

We all get those inside worries that you keep to yourself though don't you.

Except on here thankfully :-)

All the best for christmas and the new year.

Take care

Becky x

Thanks Becky will look up the supplement and give it a try :-)


Happy Christmas and a pain free New year xxx