How many colposcopies have you had?

I have been HPV positive for 6 years and it has been high grade and low grade. I have had at least 10 colpos and my doc says I don’t have much of my cervix left. I just had a follow up and am waiting on the smear test. I don’t think I can go through another colpo. I’m done. I feel it is mutilating my body and killing my sex drive. The doc won’t do hysterectomy for high grade any way. I need to try holistic treatments. I am angry about this whole situation. Please share anything you can that might help. I think the number of colpos I have had is exessive.

Hey. I’m the same I have had 6 or 7 I have lost count now. I have had 3 lletz and now waiting for biopsie result of last lletz and biopsie on vain patch also.
Yes mentally and physically I’m done too. My last appionment they were talking rushing through my hysterectomy depending on my results. I’m having a hysterectomy as I have endometriosis. I have no more cervix left to safely do any more at colp.
I have also been hpv 6 years. Had results discussed at mdm meetings too. Like you I am on the merry go round. This time mentally I’m done. So I’m pushing the hospital to get my surgery done asap as I don’t think I can cope when my Toc comes around again in October.
I’ve never tried the holistic therapies etc to clear the hpv. However I do smoke in which I am now trying to give up.
Hope you get yours sorted soon x

Thank you Blue1 - have your docs said that a hysterectomy will help? I feel as if they are monitoring mine and will deal with it only when it becomes cancer. Thanks for your honesty and your story - sometimes I just feel alone. These ongoing embarrassing and sometimes painful 'treatments can wear on you.

Hi sorry I only just seen this. So a hystorectomy will only help with the fact the hpv will no longer attack the cervix, however it can still attack the vagina. My hystorectomy is more for my endo but the consutalnt at colp is now also wanting to rush it through as I’m running out of treatments to be given as very little cervix left.
However I have had my last biopsie resukts and I have now got vain 2/3 so it’s already in my vagina now. I have a discussion appointment in just over a week with the consultant for what to do next. Nurse on phone said most likely he will removed the area affected and possibly try to get together with other surgeon to do hystorectomy in one go. However I will still have the hpv so my risk of it attacking else where will always be there. Kind of sucks really for us women. But the way I’m looking at it at least with one thing gone there is only one other thing to worry about. Hope you are getting somehwere with your journey. X