How many biopsies/lletz can you have before fertility risk?

Hi all,

apologies if this has been asked numerous times before, I have searched and the threads seem to be years old that relate to this topic.

I am having my second colposcopy next week and at my trust they do biopsy and lletz there and then if they think there could be bad cells. 

I am quite worried that people have said after 3 lots of biopsies and lletz then there’s a risk to fertility, conceiving and the ability to carry. Can anyone shed any light on this? I actually know someone that was asked to consider hysterectomy after 3 lots.. now this scares me to death as typically I am TTC at the moment with my first child and it has taken 10 months so far.. I understand this will delay things which is fine but just wanted things clear in my head. 

I know every body is different but the thought of not having children just makes me feel a bit sick. It is a question I will ask the doctor when I have my procedure but just wanted other people’s thoughts.

many thanks

Alli xx

Hi Alli I can't answer your question because I was already menopausal when I had my diagnosis but have you tried the ask the expert button on this web site they can usually answer everthing quickley. Take care x