How long until you got your surgery date?

I turned 25 at the end of June and attended my first smear test at the end of July. I fully expected everything to be fine, but a week later I got a letter saying my results had shown severe dyskaryosis and that I had to wait for another letter confirming my appointment for a colposcopy.


A few days later I received a phone call from the nurse at my local GP practice; she confirmed the smear results for me and told me the date, time and location of my colposcopy. I received a letter a few days later confirming this.


My colposcopy took place on August 17th. I had biopsies taken and bled so much I almost fainted - I have an ectropian which causes my cervix to bleed at the slightest knock anyway (this makes sex a bit weird/interesting). It took ages to get it to stop and the nurse had to apply a solution which gave me horrible period pain like feelings. I'd bled all over the table and the floor and was clearly going into shock, so the nurse refused to perform a LLETZ procedure under a local anaesthetic, as it would be too traumatic.


I received my biopsy results on Saturday (September 5th) saying they had found both CIN 1 and 2 and confirmed that I would have to have a LLETZ procedure under a general anaesthetic. I now have to wait for a letter with the date and time of my operation. I'm just wondering how long I should expect to wait for this? I'm also a little concerned because I'm moving in three weeks, so if I don't have my letter by then what's the best way to inform the hospital so they can send it to the correct address?


Thanks for reading :)


I guess it might vary from place to place and depend a little on availability of the consultant to perform the procedure. Mine was really quick. I tried to have it under local but found the injections incredibly painful, so my consultant said that it should be done under GA. The failed LA attempt was 24 July and I was in for the LLETZ under GA on 31 July.

I had exactly the same as you, CIN1 and CIN2, and they definitely didnt hang about.

Normally it'll be the consultant who did the colposcopy who will refer you for the procedure under GA, so I would give the colposcopy unit a call and I am sure they can pass on  your new address if needs be. It may well be the same consultant doing the surgery anyway.

Good luck, and hope it all goes well. The GA was fine and you're under for such a short time that it doesnt affect you too much afterwards. I am 5 weeks on from mine and all healed up and back to normal :-)

All the best


Thanks so much for your reply :)

I actually got a phone call yesterday to schedule my pre-assessment for surgery, which will be on Friday (11th), and then another phone call this morning to arrange my surgery, which will be on the 29th. No letters or address changes needed as yet. Pretty happy with how swiftly it's been dealt with and glad the wait is over. Phew.

Glad you've got it all confirmed - the uncertainty and waiting is the worst bit, I think.

They did all of mine over the phone as well, so I guess that's pretty standard. Don't forget to tell the hospital your new address on the day though. They analyse the bit taken out during LLETZ (like a giant biopsy) and it's the hospital that'll get the results of that analysis, since they performed the procedure. They will write to you with the results, so it's important that they have your correct address for that.

Good luck and hope all goes well for you on the 29th.